Do any of you have kids or know kids who absolutly love Star Wars? I ask this because many of the kids that I know could really care less about Star Wars. I mean, most have seen the movies, but are more interested in cartoons or video games or WRESTLING (cringe). Luckily, my girlfriend's son LOVES the movies and the toys. He was even jealous when she picked up a Boomer Damaged Battle Droid for me, so she ended up getting him one two. He loves to check out and play with my collection. But I think this is in the minority. With so many big event movies, aggressively marketed toys, hours and hours of cartoons on every day, and so on, I think to most kids Star Wars movies are just another series these days. Not as special as they were to, say, me for example. What do you think? How do the kids you know like the movies? And why is WRESTLING so freakin' popular?