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    I like that idea. What I do is have them summarize each section of my syllabus (I have it divided into a variety of sections) in 10 words or less, but I don't do it without verbally highlighting several key areas.

    My first day agenda has them:

    * write who they are in a sort of quick write that they immediately post up so that they can claim space in the room
    * take an informal survey on an information sheet so I can get a feel for who I'm dealing with
    * go over the key points of the syllabus

    The 50 or so minutes go by quickly and very quietly on their part. I've been told I look somewhat intimidating when I make it clear to them that the class demands a degree of diligence they may be unaccustomed to. As long as they know I want their best to emerge, I am satisfied.

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    I wore my Tom Joad outfit (and spoke in char'cter for jes 'bout the whole time) for The Grapes of Wrath today. There was laughter by some, impression by others, confusion by more, and indifference by those who only care about themselves.
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    I had an "I Can't Funeral" simply because during my first two weeks of school, a lot of my students came in with an attitude that if the work is hard, they weren't going to try (or as I tell them "do, because there is no try") so on Friday, I had them write the words "I can't" on a piece of paper and had them throw them out (recycle actually). We then bowed our heads as we left the room and I read a eulogy for the words "I can't" and his siblings, "I won't" "I'm not" and "Why should I?" and had them toss the recycle box into our blue industrial sized bins.

    Most of my students played along, but a few laughed, but I didn't mine. Two girls though afterwards commenced with much annoyance by stating the words "I can't" at least twenty times, just to get a reaction out of me. Although I don't really mean it, I wish the funeral was for them.
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    That sounds like an appropriate time to reference the scene in ESB where Yoda lifts the X-Wing to Luke's amazement and utters "That is why you fail."

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    LBC, I have a lesson where students write a eulogy or obituary for an inanimate object (my sample that I show is to The Written Letter, as in a mailed note). It worked well the first time, not so good after that. Are death lessons a turnoff?
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    Our school apparently has a new club: Star Wars Appreciation Club. Can't make it, as their meetings are Fri. mornings, when our department. meets. E chu ta!
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    Our school apparently has a new club: Star Wars Appreciation Club. Can't make it, as their meetings are Fri. mornings, when our department. meets. E chu ta!
    I have a few students who email me trivia questions. We talk about Star Wars between classes. Fun stuff.
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    Best Teacher I ever had in school was my Autobody Shop teacher Mr. Hanson. He taught me more about the real world than any teacher ever ever. I still use the lessons I learned from him 16 years later.
    May the force be with you.

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    so two of my classes have friday workshop times that I have pretty much ended. During these times, we're workshopping/reviewing rough drafts of papers, etc. For the last workshop, I had about 6 kids (out of 18) show up for the first class with about 2 that brought papers. The second class had about 9 students show up (again out of 18) with only 4 bringing papers. They pulled this crap during the first workshops and I just snapped at them on that following monday, telling them I was not wasting my time, gas, or money with students who didn't want to succeed. Instead, I told them if they want, they can setup a conference time with me on fridays to talk to me about their works and i'll gladly come in for that. I was posting some discussions questions on our epsilen page for them to answer on fridays and out of both classes, I had a total of 8 students who replied. Jesus Christ.

    All four of my classes are watching their in-class movies right now. Two classes are watching PAN'S LABYRINTH while the other two are watching THE MIST. Thanks to how fast we're getting through these movies, I have empty days on both monday AND tuesday as I thought i'd take longer to finish the movies. Four day weekend; holla! ooops. Not that any of the students or myself am complaining.
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    Jeez, JMG! Your students are already paying for their education. Aren't they entitled to a good grade? You want them to work, too?

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