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Thread: Teachers

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    I feel your pain JMG.

    Its funny that this thread got bumped today, because something pretty big happened in my class this morning.

    Two girls got into a fight, which started inside our class, spilled into the hallway, and continued out there for about 10 minutes. It was total chaos.

    The girls were separated and taken to our office. They are now both on a 10 day suspension.

    Now class, answer this for me:

    After that incident, how much REAL learning do you think went on in class??
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    I didn't know you taught at The School of Hard Knocks.

    We had our Great Shakeout statewide earthquake drill today, and it went fairly well as I saw things.

    Until 8:05 am tomorrow, I will be caught up on grading!
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    How many of you go to work in costume for Halloween? I look forward to it all year and try to gear my costume toward something read for class. If students dress up as any character from literature, particularly any read for class, I provide a treat.

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    Only if it falls on a school day. With the 31st tomorrow, I just wore orange and black (including my 100th anniv. black/orange Chuck Taylors). Who (whom?) have I been for Halloween at school as a teacher?

    - Dr. Gregory House
    - John McEnroe
    - Bel-Cam Jos (my blue Jedi-robed alter ego )
    - Indiana Jones
    - Charlie Brown

    Perhaps there are others I fail to recall right now.
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    things are in the final homestretch for me. My students turned in paper #4 (their own Swift-esque satirical essay) this week and it's graded. I'm holding conferences this week, meaning i'm in my office all week, most of the day, in case students want to swing by and get their grades, their graded paper or talk about their conferences. As of right now, it looks like out of my 31 or so students in my two problem classes, about 6 can't pass and several others are teetering on failing. Kids these days.

    But these conference days are essentially so I can sit on my arse and relax. I have three of my syllabi finisihed for next semester, so I need to figure out how to setup this DL course I'm teaching as well. I'm kind of nervous as it's my first time teaching a DL course (i'll probably go through epsilen as the university is pushing it hardcore), but it feels like it's gonna be much more work. Meh!
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    Recently I got fired from my job and instead of trying to find a new one, I'v decided to throw myself into becoming a high school art teacher. Yesterday I went ahead and enrolled full time for next semester.

    Then I came and read some of the posts on this board and thought ". . . WTF was I thinking?

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    Well I'm dealing with a dilemna...

    I supervise an undergraduate who gets a grade, not pay, from my boss. Basically, he does everything I do in terms of performing experiments and analyzing data, creating graphs and charts. I've found him several times changing parameters and protocols (it's easy when things are computer controlled) but he hasn't told anyone. I've told my boss every time but the first explaining why you can't change it and tell no one, but you can change it and tell everyone. I want him gone, I don't want to be touched if this gets hit under misconduct/falsifying data. Boss refuses to do anything at this time. GRRR. I hate undergrads.
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    How close until winter freedom?

    My son just came home a few minutes ago with that "I just finished my last final" smile and Mrs. TI7 has this plus one more week of her third graders.

    BTW: I'm teaching in our Academy today and tomorrow. Subject? Crime scene investigation, of course!

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    We have the rest of this week, Monday and Tuesday, then on Wednesday exams start. Those will be early release days...then the following week (beginning on the 21st) we only have 2 days, but they are just for retesting.

    So basically I only have 4 more actual teaching/reviewing days.
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