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    My wife is in the other room working on lesson plans as tomorrow is the first day of school in our area. It's been very busy these past couple of weeks for her preparing for the new year.

    That got me thinking: SSG is replete with teachers. I would like to wish them all well (both veteran teachers and those starting their student teaching) for the upcoming 2008-2009 school year. I hope your year is as fun as it is successful!

    In spite of dealing with NCLB!
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    Thanks for the warm wishes!! I was a T.A. for the last two years while I was working on my Master's degree and I was recently hired in as a full-time instructor at the University of Toledo a few weeks ago.

    My lesson plans probably aren't as in-depth as other instructors as I teach college level and I can write a few lines and know where I want to go that day. Still, I worked on lesson plans for my four Comp courses and it took me several days to type up and organize them. I think what takes me the longest amount of time is coming up with in class discussion questions and paper assignments.

    I'm a bit nervous now being full-time, but i'm still ridiculously excited as I love teaching and this is the first time I can teach my courses and not worry about my master's paper, or my MA exam, or research, etc, etc. I can teach, hold hours, conference, etc, etc, and at the end of the day, go home and relax. Should be interesting!
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    My sister in law is a teacher, and I'm sure she'll start back to school soon. She lives six hours north of me teaching on the Wisconsin, Michigan border.

    I still keep in touch with my old art teacher, though I believe he is across seas for the summer, he still maintains a residence in my hometown. I had invited him to my wedding, but he had to decline because he was going to Greece.
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    Thank you and best wishes to all the educators out there.

    My school has a summer bridge program for incoming freshman that starts today and runs the whole week, so I'll be working starting in a couple of hours. Then, we've got about a week off before the real classes begin two days after Labor Day.

    It'll be over before we know it...

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    Thanks alot TeeEye!!

    My school started week before last (we get out in May so we come back early August) so things have been going pretty well so far. I teach mostly
    10th and 11th graders, so there never is a dull moment!!

    Have a great year everyone.

    Maradona-We have a summer bridge at our school too....its a great way to get those freshmen in and help them develop teamwork skills.
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    I'd feel disrespectful saying I'm a teacher, but I am doing my student teaching this semester.

    I'm both excited about and dreading student teaching. I know there are going to be issues with us dropping to one income and that I'm going to be absolutely bogged down with three preps and all the work that comes with them. But at the same time, I'm familiar with the school, students and teachers (I did my mid level experience there as well) and I feel I have a distinct advantage over other student teachers in that I won't have the butterflies about going into a new place like they will. I can simply continue to develop an already solid repoire.

    Best of luck to all the real* teachers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos
    That's not the big news. It seems that NONE of our students used their cell phones during the testing! Amazing! After the tests were done and the bells rang, however... it was like a prisoner off his hunger strike to check messages and damage their thumbs.
    So, just like what happens when a plane lands.

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    So, how do you all handle this "but it's the last week before finals..." line now?

    a) like a cool teacher, letting kids do whatever they want (as long as property & physical damage don't occur)
    b) like a mean teacher, continuing to give class- and homework
    c) like a proper teacher, balancing some new work with review and relaxation
    d) all of the above, like a confused teacher
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    Well, here's the only negative I'll share: worst final exams time in my career teaching.

    There, now that that's out of the way... :brusheshands: All things considered, this year was somewhere in the middle; not too terrible, not totally awesome. Just have to finish grading exams, clean up and close up my classroom, hand in keys and paperwork. Year #11 is almost in the books!
    Too late; I already copyrighted these parodies: Rogue Juan, Rogue Won, Rogue Huan, Rogue Wan, Rogue Obi-Wan, Rouge One, Rogue Wand.

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    I've got 11 more school days before turning in final grades and cleaning up. This 12th year of teaching has been my most arduous. We lost a student in February and my friend who taught across the hall from me died in April of cancer-related complications a week short of his 46th birthday. Add to that a transition to being leadership adviser and yearbook sponsor, along with continuing to sponsor the school newspaper and the after school peer counseling program and I ended up with the most trying teaching year I've had. I can hardly wait until the last day of school (June 7), graduation (June 10), staff meetings (June 11 & 12), and grad-nite (June 14) are over. Challenge is important, so I hope the trials of this year help make me a more effective teacher next year.


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