Special love to all teachers: preschool, elementary, Jr. High (special high five for intense courage under fire), Sr. High, and colllege. Good teachers (like good coaches) are what makes humans the superior species on planet earth. They inspire mankind's greatness, empower his faith, and give us the means to make dreams come true.

(Bad teachers create monsters, but that's another rant and not our focus here....)

The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of a teacher (sorry Vader, had you learned that you wouldn't have ended up in your black suit).

I'm proud to know teachers, proud to have had great teachers in my life, and proud to send my children into the hands of the next generation of great teachers (plus I'm proud to send my children out of the house!!!!!).

Good luck this year teachers. You matter. May the force be with you.