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You seem to be saying that low income and migrant kids aren't as intelligent.
No, I'm not saying that at all! I'm saying their situations are different. Family economics, family support/involvement of their kids' education are not the same as the average white, middle class kid.

My wife's school is a Magnet school (meaning specialized after school programs to draw minorities and lower-economic students) and a California Distinguished School (meaning, in a nutshell, academically strong and meeting state standards). Because her school exposes kids to new things that they are otherwise unable to experience, they flourish! My wife's class has historically gone to the local college's planetarium and then down to the LA Science Museum and the LA Museum of Natural History. Trips like this kick-start the students to excel in their studies. It's been proven time and time again at her school. And I'm talking poor kids, migrant kids, rich kids. Given the opportunity, it equals the field....it doesn't matter what the kid's background may be. I've worked with my wife's kids in the past (on science projects). I know the neighborhoods they live in because in my law enforcement duties, I'm there--much too often. These are bright kids! My complaint is the state is taking that opportunity away. In no way am I insulting anyone's intelligence, MSP, quite the contrary! I'm defending these kid's opportunity to learn and be motivated by experiencing something more than just the four walls of the classroom.