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    I finished the last of my four boxes of essays, notebooks, and grade recording. Show you how smart I am? I'm collecting MORE tomorrow! Hooray? Last day I'm giving for any work prior to the finals will be Thursday. June SHOULD always be the last month of school, but by this time next year, we'll be finished. Weird.

    p.s. Tomorrow's pay day. Yeah!
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    14 days to go.


    But then

    Good for all the teaches (deliberately misspelled) on here who are done for the year. Get relaxing!
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    Tomorrow's the last day, but we have until Monday to submit our grades (I intend to have them done by Thu. or Fri. though). I'm done with one class completely, and about half of the two others so far.

    Our school district had a contest with a local car dealership that all the students with perfect attendance went into a drawing for a free car (Chevy Cobalt, with fees paid, too! ), and one of my students won! She's a freshman, but won't drive for at least another year!
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    I just finished my stint of teaching in the Academy for the past two days. Great group of students, though. Most are older than our normal students we get (read: majority in their late 20's to early 30's...a couple beyond that...just the right age to train to be cops. They have some life experience!). They're college educated and/or ex-military. A very bright group indeed! Not a mouth breather among them. I really enjoy working with intelligent future cops instead of Mongos wanting handguns (they're just tools, morons!).

    Due to budget concerns, I thought this was going to be our last Academy for quite some time, but good news for me! My smart-thinking Department has two more Academies scheduled for August! Which for me is great news! ! (More bucks on the side) .My Department is going to continue to provide edja-ma -kay-shun for students seeking a California Police Officers Standards and Testing Certificate (which still holds a lot of respect nationally in spite of the fact that my native state is a sinking ship). Smart thinking since continuing the Academies creates revenues for the Department....and me!
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    Like those energy water commercials say, "Now I'm done." Except, unlike those commercials, the paid endorsers don't still have three classes of final exams to grade and record, plus a classroom to clean and pack up. That's what's on the schedule for tomorrow and Friday. Then, reading books in the summer! I am quite looking forward to that; starting my list (LISTS.... ) of books to get to already.
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    Done with grading, recording, printing, packing up, cleaning and clearing out, filing, labelling, lifting, opening, closing, locking, and turning in. I'm pooped.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    Done with grading, recording, printing, packing up, cleaning and clearing out, filing, labelling, lifting, opening, closing, locking, and turning in. I'm pooped.
    You'll never be done with pooping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Slanted Powers View Post
    You'll never be done with pooping.
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    Today is Mrs. TI7's last day of class for the new curriculum/books/stuff/hoops she has to learn for next year. (She's also had a class last week as well).

    At 4:30 this afternoon, she'll really be on vacation!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeEye7 View Post
    JMG: Congrats on the renewal!
    Thanks, I'm pretty excited about it! I picked up my offer letter and I actually got a slight raise of 1K! Granted, that's only, what, 40-50 bucks extra a paycheck, but every little bit helps!! I also will be getting my own office, which will be fun, and lastly, i'm teaching a DL course in the spring, which makes me slightly nervous as i've never done that before.

    I am enjoying my summer off though. I'm doing retail work, which blows, but i've saved a lot of $$ over the last year, so i'm not getting hit too hard. It is a paycut though, which sucks. Also, i've read about four books this summer though....for LEISURE! Something that I haven't done in YEARS!

    I read thus far:

    PRIDE & PREJUDICE & ZOMBIES, which was hysterical, especially since a lot of the original content and themes were still in tact.

    A MERCY- New Toni Morrison book which was decent. Way too much introspection and very little movement. The ending was good though.

    IN COLD BLOOD- Really fascinating "non-fiction" work that I really enjoyed. Capote was definitely a fantastic author.

    DEATH OF A SALESMAN- I thought this play was pretty bad. Willy Loman just isn't a good character; he's too whiny, self centered, arrogant, and worst of all, clueless and unwilling to adapt. The only interesting part was the "twist" about his son and the ending.

    Now i'm reading the TALES OF H.P. LOVECRAFT!

    Glad other folks are done too. What are your summer plans??!?
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