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    Quote Originally Posted by Qui-Long Gone View Post
    URL should have been removed! Indicating source makes sense. APA is probably better!
    APA is definitely easier, but I've always thought it was less precise. I did most of my undergrad using MLA and all my grad work in APA. With APA, you don't even need to quote directly, just throw the parentheses around a name and year. I teach my students both, since they will end up using both in college, but I emphasize MLA because it's more elaborate and for some more difficult to get right. If the kids can master MLA, APA is a breeze. I liken it to making kids practice running a mile when I just want them to be able to run a half.

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    ^I was always that kid who couldn't finish the mile...maybe that's why my writing was so bad in college?
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    Today my wife gets her 2009-2010 crop of third graders. She started officially last Friday but the kids and parents inundate the campus today.

    I hope her first day (and the subsequent 179) is a good one like BCJ reported his first day to be. :fingerscrossed:
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    Parking and traffic messes this morning (nearly got hit 4 times on my bike). Can only mean the class of 2013 and the Fall semester started at the University of Iowa today.
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    There was a major street closure near school this morning, so they made an announcement about some students that may be late? Number of students late to my first period? Zero. Way to go, attendance promoters!

    And a kid felt that calling a character in The Odyssey a "pansy" wasn't an inappropriate term (his evidence was spotty, at best anyway: "just because" ).
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    Mrs. TI7 said she had a pretty darn good first day, all things considered.

    Judging by many a previous posts by others, good first days must be going around this year!

    Let's keep that momentum going!
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    I teach two more classes today and then i'm done for the week. I will have friday morning workshops (bleurgh) but they don't start till next week.

    The first few days have been good. A lot of the students warmed up to my sense of humor pretty fast, aside from one class that could very well be full of corpses. I did pull my favorite trick where I act like their syllabus is a huge first day exam and when they panic and freak out, I tell them it's a fib and that it's only their syllabus. Worked like a charm again this semester.

    And here are pics of my new office!
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    *Whew!* You did not disappoint me, sir. The Conchords are well-represented!

    Well done!
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    Mrs Chux already has the obligatory, "Call me about my bratty kid causing disturbances in class, will you? It's obvious you're not going to see eye to eye! He's had this problem with teachers who don't like him before! I'm pulling him from your class!" phone call. Normally it takes a full month.

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    That's the problem with school kids. They have parents.
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