I started collecting final projects yesterday; next week is our finals week, but I don't have an official final and I learned during my first semester teaching not to collect items during finals week cos more than likely, students will blow off their english courses for their more "important" classes (I guess writing isn't important, eh??! ).

My two classes yesterday turned everything in and I actually got them all graded. In my first class, I have roughly 7 out of 17 registered (a few have dropped though) that will pass the course. I expected this though, aside from one student who just bombed the final paper and portfolio.

My second class is a bit worse with 6 out of 17 or so passing. I was really shocked at these numbers as I had more students in my projections passing, but again, bombed the final paper and portfolio. I was kinda irritated too as the portfolio consists of revising two papers and then writing some reflections; an easy 100 points. Lots of students had problems with the research paper as they would give me facts/research and not provide cites, so they lost serious points. I spent a month and a half going over this with them and many of them just ignored me. You would think that a student would pay attention with 400 points on the line.

I'm collecting the other two classes worth of work today; I don't expect it'll be too rough as 95% of these students are on the ball, big time. I hope to be done grading by tomorrow night. I'm giving them two days next week to pick things up, but then grades will be posted. After that, I'm done and can relax till mid January!