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    Was told by second year administrator yesterday: "Your film class is getting very popular." Me: "Oh? How many have you enrolled?" Admin: "We're at 41 so far." Me: "I only have 36 desks in my classroom and no room for more." Admin: "That's a facilities problem, not mine. If you would just move to another classroom, we could add more students to your class."

    I'm looking forward to next Tuesday's first day of class and the challenge of this transitional school year (we start a month early for the first time), but I have no desire to see that admin again. At all.

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    Hey; like minds "think" alike! I have a class with 43 (according to the computer, but 44 in actuality) students, now 42 desks. I was at 37 desks yesterday, so they are trying to help. Students shared my teacher desk, the pencil sharpener bookshelf, and a chair next to another student's desk. We're hoping for another section to be opened, or :fingerscrossed: one more teacher re-hired (yes, they let a position go instead of replacing him, so those 150-some students have been spread out through the remaining classes).
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    Just returned from spending the afternoon helping Mrs. TI7 set up her classroom for the next year. I think this is the 17th year I've been doing that. I was also informed of my chores for further set up this week end. School starts August 20th.

    I spent the morning setting up my own class for the Academy for tomorrow and Friday. We be a teachin' kind of fambly!
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    Finished! Ready for the onslaught tomorrow!

    To those teachers who have already begun their school year and those yet to start: Good luck! Here's hoping you have a great year!
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    I love all these Back to School sales and news reports this weekend; we've already been back for 2 weeks, including Back to School Night. And there's supposed to be days with highs in the 80s later this week. Yay, working a/c! First time I've had the whole week's lessons planned, since I know how many students I'll have and what resources are available to use. Good times so far.
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    Mrs. TI7 reports that her first day back with a class full of kids was a good one!

    Let's hope the other 179 days are just as good! :fingerscrossed:
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    Wow; a 180-day school year. I remember those...

    I had my second first-day-of-school today for my new junior English class. Nice? Smaller classloads. Not so nice? We (read: the teachers, not those who staff) knew this was the case before summer ended, but had to wait until two weeks in to make changes. Still, they did get done. And the new kids are a good group... after one day, of course. I now have three students I've had for three straight years of HS English; weird.
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    Conversation overheard in Barnes & Noble today: "On the wall of his classroom, he has this poster of Anakin, and it says 'foreshadowing,' but his shadow looks like Darth Vader... hey, that's my teacher there!"
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    Conversation in my classroom yesterday:

    Student: "Why did I get a '4' on this [10-point] assignment?"
    Me: "Because this was almost word-for-word the same as other student's."
    Student: "Yeah, I worked on it with another person."
    Me: "But you still have to do your own work. I'm not going to figure out who copied, so I split the points in half between the two."
    Student: "Even on a little assignment like this?"
    Me: "I could've given you both a '0.' It's still plagiarism."
    Student: "Oh. So, that's the way it's gonna be."
    Me [in my head] : "LOL!! LOL!!" (and I had to cover my mouth a couple times in class to keep my laughing smile covered up )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    Wow; a 180-day school year. I remember those...
    How many days do you have?


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