Bel-Cam Jos, thank you for the advice. My strategy is basically what you mentioned..I am in "survival mode", or "just make it to June" mode as I call it right now. I have decided that this will probably be my last year here, and perhaps for teaching altogether. What I posted yesterday was the culmination of things over time, not based on one single event. The thing that has bothered me most has been the amount of exhaustion I have felt. It's not a physical tired, it's an emotional and mental type of tired. It's the kind of tired where when you get home all you want to do is lay down and not go anywhere or see anyone. It's the kind of tired where you have spent 7+ hours a day dealing with yelling, screaming, overactive kids who seem to not care at all.

And I hear you on taking "mental health" days off, BCJ. I feel one of those coming on soon.