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    I had the students write as a "sponge" activity (a.k.a. bell work, opener, warm-up, intro. lesson, activation of prior knowledge, etc.) what is the corniest or silliest joke(s) they'd heard before. Reason? To introduce the turtle-crossing-the-road chapter 3 of The Grapes of Wrath. Anyway, one student included these two:
    Quote Originally Posted by Some student, wise beyond her years
    You are on the Oregon Trail. You meet a man named Terry. You say, "Terry's a girl's name," and Terry brutally beats you up for making fun of him. You have died of dissin' Terry."

    What is the temperature inside of a tauntaun?
    Ah... what is it that keeps we teachers going, again?

    p.s. I was looking through all the posts in this here looooooong thread; we've come a long way, baby! Five years of success, struggle, pain, economics, workload, awards, evaluations, despair, humor, stories, stats, room issues, temperatures, administration, voting, caseloads, and more more more.
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