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I remember our first principal (of the school where I teach) once said he never wanted to see the school on TV news, because it would likely be negative. Ah, how those in education can sometimes see the future. Especially if the word "police" is included. It'll be an interesting Monday morning next week, I think.
The only time I saw tv news cameras at my old school is when we had a fellow teacher busted for DWI 4 times in a 13 month period.

FYI, I seem to have a workable and possibly enjoyable class this year (I hesitate only because it is only November). The biggest pain in the arse this year is the Common Core curriculum as NY state is the only state in the Union to not only implement the core but also test its students on it and tie in those results to their teacher's evaluation. But I am plodding through the year as hopeful as I can be. Thank the maker!