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    I can see how the grades below high school (I'd even include middle school) would have major shake-ups, more so than HS. I came into teaching already in the NCLB era, so I never got a firsthand look at how severe that adjustment was from the previous structure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    First day off of the semester this weekend. Thanks for all you did, MLK Jr., and others continue to do!
    Preach, brother! We must never forget the contributions Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Junior made to society and culture.

    Have you seen the latest iPad air commercial? It uses Whitman for dramatic effect.

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    I liked the back-in-theaters 12 Years a Slave commercial this past weekend with MLK speeches in the background, with no other words spoken.
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    Pending lawsuit in the LA area: teachers and tenure. Won't let this issue turn the thread into a 'Pit one, but I'll be watching the results of it with interest and caution.
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    Curious. I was unaware of it, but I have no problem with being evaluated and measured based, within reason, on student outcomes.

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    Nice link, Maradona; he needs to get some Common Core training and re-boot his lyrics, though (what rhymes with "Smarter Balanced"? ).

    Had the weirdest comment from a student in quite some time: a senior said he got a jury duty notice (he is 18), wanted to know what to do and how to get out of it. I Had never even considered the possibility.
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    In NY, Common Core initiatives, especially as pertaining to high school Regents, are being delayed as a result of the firestorm. But here in elementary land, they are being cemented as students will be taking them for the 2nd year in a row and 20% of teacher evaluations are based on them.

    5th snow day this year (although the one previous, they made staff report so that we wouldn't have to lose any more days). The past two school years there have been none. We've averaged 1 or 2 a year prior. What a freaky winter it has been (also I knew this was coming yet I forgot my tonnage of work at school like an idiot).
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    It's now Spring Break, the last days off on the school calendar. Didn't some poem dude say something about April being the month to watch a Sarah Michele Gellar movie? :TSE:
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