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    Clone Wars animated figure want list

    I was a little wary of animated style figures at first, but have really come to like most of this line so far. So, after seeing Clone Wars and flipping through the Visual Guide, there are some figures that must be made in this style.

    I'm going to avoid listing figures that would just be repaints of the base Clonetrooper and Jedi Council members, since it's pretty much a given that those figures will be made if the line lasts long enough.

    1. Scout Clonetrooper - the armor worn by the two scouts who did reconnaissance for Anakin to find Jabba's boy. They're the Ep2 equivalent of the Kashyyk Trooper, but with a completely different, and much cooler, helmet

    2. Admiral Yularen

    3. Mon Calamari Jedi - from page 120 of the Visual Guide (see attachment) and I assume he/she will be visible in an upcoming episode

    4. Dwarf Spider Droid - I don't know how they would release this, probably in a Battle pack.

    5. OOM-9 - we need someone to grab our Battle Droids by the back of the head and point them to where they need to look (one of the biggest laugh out loud moments for me).

    6. Jabba's Nikto Guard - there were three of them who greeted Anakin and the animated styling definitely agrees with them

    7. Jabba's Weequay Guard - another cool animated version of an OT alien

    8. Ree-Yees or Ask Aak (the Gran Senator) - the animated styling agrees with these guys as well.

    9. Jar Jar! - check out the Visual Guide, he looks awesome!

    10. 2-1B - I know that he only showed up as a hologram, but they can do a holographic variant later.

    Other big stuff:
    1. Jabba the Hutt - of course

    2. Ziro the Hutt - people can just buy him and pretend that he only speaks Huttese

    3. "New" Y-Wing - not sure if this is already confirmed or not

    4. Tri-Droid - it just needs to be larger and less bendy than the current version
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    I would love to have that Mon Cal jedi as well.

    I believe one of those Scout Troopers was a commander (Gree???)

    I'd want an animated Bith band

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    I agree the scout troopers helmets were sweet. I hope Hasbro makes them.

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    I want,

    Nute Gunray
    Wat Tambor
    Battle Droid Commander
    Geonosis colored Battle Droid
    Retail Clan Droid (Sheild Generator Protector Droid)
    501st Trooper with Jet Pack.
    General Grievous (with cape, and more articulation)
    Count Dooku (Hooded)
    Darth Sidious - Hologram
    Count Dooku - Hologram
    Battle Droid - Hologram
    Whorm Loathsom's Assistant Bunny Droid (Hopefully it'll come with the recently confirmed Loathsom)

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    I have a question apparently theres a Bounty Hunter in there that looks like Durge with a Cowboy Hat and Duster, so I am told - can anybody shed any more light on that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cookiemonster View Post
    I have a question apparently theres a Bounty Hunter in there that looks like Durge with a Cowboy Hat and Duster, so I am told - can anybody shed any more light on that.
    Seems familiar but I can't really recall where I saw him. He's not in the visual guide at all, so I have no clue.

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    Thanks BB at least I know now he isnt in the Clone Wars Visual Guide, I was told about him but I dont know who it is, heck it could even be Durge.

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    They really didnt show the bounty hunters, just there heads, one was a Greedo species.

    I would like the Droids that popped out of the ground at the shield generator
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    We need a Kit Fisto to go with the amazing-looking Plo Koon. I'd also liketo see TC-70, R4-P17, and KRONOS-327, all of which would be repaints, as well as 4-A7, who could use C-3PO's body.

    They need to stop re-releasking Anakin, though.


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