When I first saw that she was in the cartoon I knew I had seen her before. I knew she couldn't be, whose name I didn't know at the time, Shaak Ti. Because Shaak Ti couldn't have been Anakin's padawan obviously, because she was a Jedi far before Anakin.

But anyhow I was watching the orginal Clone Wars on DVD last night and the part when Obi-Wan is looking for the planet Kamino in the Jedi Archives and he notices the gravity but no sign of the planet. So he goes to Yoda, who is teaching all the young Jedi how to block laser shots.

So when Yoda tells the children to tell Obi-Wan hello, and they all take off there little helmets to the far left there is a young Jedi the same species as Shaak Ti and Ahoska. And thinking about it, you could consider it to be her.

Because the cartoon takes place towards the end of the Clone Wars, obvoiusly because Anakin has his regular haircut instead of the Padawan braid. And the movie is right at the begining of the Clone Wars and that young, whatever species she is, looks about 10-12, so it's reasonable to say she could have aged a few years, and became Anakin's Padawan. Just a thought.