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    Entertainment Earth Mystery Exclusive

    I'm sure we'd all rather complain about past EE exclusives rather than speculate on this one, but I figured I'd post this. Have there been any rumored figures that are unaccounted for?

    If I were to guess otherwise, I'd figure it's Clone Wars related. I'd hope for realistic but expect animated.
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    Well, I am hopefull that it will be in the realistic style mostly because the exclusives are a way to get figures to folks that would not really be made otherwise (Death Star Briefing set). If it were Clone Wars related I don't think Hasbro would have any trouble justifying it as part of the new line to compliment the movie and tv show. I just hope that the figures are a little more cannon than the Mandalorian packs.
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    This one has me befuddled. Right now I'm betting it is some EU themed pack that I can't place. If it is I doubt I will pick it up. The Mando set was cool looking but I have nothing to do with the set since it has no context. I love the other sets EE has done so hopefully they will turn it around.
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    The text says 6 all new and different figures so I think the picture is a red herring. (It looks like silhouettes of another republic commando (I've had enough of those), an EVO or Jump trooper (have 2 of each thank-you, drive through), maybe the royal guard, and a few I can't quite place.) Maybe they just photographed whatever was laying around and will fill in the details later. For some reason, the ones I can't place scream Jacen and Jaina Solo to me...I'm probably wrong, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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    I Bet one is that stormtrooper commander that had a card pop up recently by mistake
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    I'll most likely pass on this. I still haven't bought the Mando set and am unlikely to. I made deals with friends for the black ARC troopers and skull troopers. While I would like to get the Black commandos and yes even some of the Mando, I just don't think they are worth the price. If each Mando was SA then yes, I'd have sprung for them...maybe. Honestly, I would have rather had established Mandos (or even the established posers) like Jodo Kast and Montross.
    Anyway, even though I don't know what this new one is, I can't see me buying it. EE's costs are just a tad too high for my tastes generally anyway. This set would have to knock my socks off with articulation, sculpt and choice of character. More barely known or Hasbro created characters will make me not even give it a second thought.
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    i will be ordering mine soon.i like all the ee sets so far.i am sure there will be 1 from each movie.thats my guess.i would like individuals over army builders though.i hope they compliment the other figures.kind of like the astromechs one.i did buy the 50 pack and i am glad i i will wait to see if they have a group of them again.

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    I've been more than happy with all of the sets from EE, especially the astromechs, though since astromechs are one of my favorite types of figures, there is no surprise there.

    I'm certain the silhouettes are not representative of the final product.
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    *Has fingers crossed for a NJO themed Box set/battle pack....*

    Honestly, I don't get why someone would prefer a guy in a helmet with little or no back story over a EU character, and if this guy in a helmet does have a backstory it's EU!!!!


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