This is mainly for those who like the cartoon. Assuming it does well and lasts for a few seasons, what events would you like to see showcased or explained in the cartoon series? Also what characters should appear, even if it's just for one episode?

For me, I'd like to see:

1. Jedi Master Sifo Dyas - even if it's just in a flashback, I think there needs to be at least one episode dedicated to explaining who he was and why he ordered the creation of the Clone Army without the knowledge of the Jedi Council.

2. Chewbacca - at least one episode explaining his friendship with Yoda. It would also be a great opportunity to revisit Kashhyyk and the Wookies.

3. Tarkin - they could show him campaigning for the creation of the Death Star.

4. Clonetrooper armor transition - maybe wait a season or two, then show the transition from the Ep2 armor to the Ep3 armor. They could also introduce Ep3 hardware like the AT-AP and Juggernaut.

5. Some background information on General Grievous, I know his story is told somewhere, but I'd like to see it onscreen.

6. Anakin spending some time with the Lars family - maybe an extended stay after the death of Cliegg Lars and Owen begins to think that Anakin is going to live there permanently until Obi Wan shows up one day and takes him away on some important mission (pretty much exactly how Obi Wan described it in ANH).

7. Some non-Clones being recruited into the Republic Army, or at least some non-Jango clone templates.

8. Since they already visited Tatooine in the pilot, we could have episodes set on Yavin, Alderaan, Felucia, Utapau, Bespin and all those planets that we only caught glimpses of in the "Order 66" montage (I'm sure someone here knows the names of them all).