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    Titanium Questions

    I didn't see a good thread to ask the following question, so I thought I'd start a new one.

    Question: What is the deal with the pop-out engine thingy on the Republic Cruiser? Am I missing something? What exactly is this action feature supposed to replicate?

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    If I remember correctly I think it's to show the engines on burn?
    I packed mine up to make room for other Titaniums on my shelf though so I can't double check.
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    It's the engines pulsing on and off. Pretty "meh" really, I believe the Action Fleet version also had this "feature".
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    It sure did. Most exciting feature ever. - The best thing since sliced bread.

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    Thanks for the info. What a lame use of engineering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    It's the engines pulsing on and off. Pretty "meh" really, I believe the Action Fleet version also had this "feature".
    I guess on the Action fleet was mostly because of the size of the ship, which with engines on was too long for the package.
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    On the Action Fleet, flipping the switch did nothing to the size of the ship. You slide the switch to the back to bring the "Engine On Effect" (or whatever they called it)to the back of the engines so it could be visible. Slide the switch to the front of the ship to move the engine effect away from the back of the engines to simulate them being off. I've attached a picture with the engines in the off position, but apparently I didn't take a picture in the on position. - The best thing since sliced bread.

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    Another question: I've found a couple of the original Galoob die-cast ships at thrift shops and was wondering what type of display stand they originally came with. They don't fit well on the current Titanium stands. What did the old Galoob die-cast stands look like?

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    Nightside, it depends:

    Some of them (like the Executor) came with a stand... they're usually blue with a clear stem and say "Star Wars" but some are black ; Some black ones have "Star Wars Action Fleet" on 'em, some don't ;

    Most have no raised "rainbow" writing on 'em... just flat blue or black.

    Some Ep 1 ships didn't come with stands at all.

    The AF Alpha smaller ships will fit on the TS stands too, but it's hit or miss finding stands that fit right, with no lurching over.

    The black AF Battle Pack stands are similar to the TS ones except that there's no rainbow printing on some of 'em and they usually say SW AF.

    I find that I've had to shuffle stands around to find ones that'll work for various ships... there can be quite a lot of variation in the peg and hole size.

    And I've never found a stand that fits the green TS A-Wing properly... I bought 2 and neither will sit quite right due to the stupid hole.

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    They should all fit on the new stands perfectly. The ISD, Executor, Ep1 Naboo Cruiser, Naboo Starfighter, MTT, AAT, X-wing (old), TIE Fighter, TIE Interceptor etc etc are all re-packs from the old Galoob line - they haven't been modified to fit new stands.


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