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    Simpsons Playmates figures

    Hey everyone, I didn't quite know which category to put this in, so I hope this works. Anyway I collect the new Simpsons figures. There was a time that I stopped, but have recently got back into it. However I am having trouble finding some that I need. It seems that it is mostly the exclusives, which is why I HATE exclusives. The ones I need are:

    The Treehouse of Horror I
    The Treehouse of Horror II
    Radioactive Homer (not priority)
    Pin Pal Burns (not priority)
    Pin Pal Moe (not priority)
    Boxing Homer (not priority)
    Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy
    Convention Comic Shop Guy
    Family Christmas

    Also needed

    Series 1 Grampa
    Series 1 Lisa
    Series 1 Bart
    Series 1 Homer
    All of Series 5
    Any Playsets

    Does anyone know where I could obtain any of these for a decent price. I think that it is ridiculous some of the prices these sell for on ebay and at some sites I've been looking at. The Treehouse of Horror I goes for over $100 every time I see it. Man at my TRU they just sat on the shelves which is why I never got one. I wish I would have now. The condition doesn't matter because I only collect them loose, which is why I don't want to pay a ton of money for a MOMC version. Can anyone help?
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    All I can offer is that in the UK the first wave of figures has been re-released, but they don't come with a sound-thingy. They go for around 7-8 retail. If you're not bothered about the sound ability thingy, it might be worth importing them via - but i don't really know if that's workable or not as i've never had to do it.

    Also, just for the sake of information - accompanying the re-release of wave 1, Marge, Maggie and Apu are available carded (instead of only being available with playsets) Marge and Maggi are supplied together of course.

    Perhaps it might be worth checking how the price of buying these figures in the US compares with importing them from the UK, as these items don't seem to be selling as quickly as i'd expected. I only know a couple of UK online shops that sell these things, but i'll do some investigating if it might help.
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    Bad news SithDroid, those exclusives are gonna cost you more then your right kidney and some fingers. Series 1 figures are pretty costly too. I picked up a Series 1 Homer and Bart at a sports show of all places for a friend. Just keep your eyes and options open.
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