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Thread: New Rumor List!

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    New Rumor List!

    Dan Curto's rumor list on the podcast this week at

    Next Wave: (After the MagnaGuard Wave)
    Ahsoka (Different Version)
    Whorm Loathsom (Already confirmed by Hasbro)

    20 point articulated Clone Trooper
    Grievous (Different Version)
    Battle Droid Repaints

    Possible deluxe wave Includes build a environment pieces!

    Upcoming Vehicles:
    Magnaguard Fighter (Already confirmed by Hasbro)
    Clone Wars AT-AT typle vehicle

    Possible Playset in the future:
    Forward Base Alpha - Somehow compatible with the AT-TE and Gunship

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    Quote Originally Posted by Battle Droid View Post
    Dan Curto's rumor list on the podcast this week at

    20 point articulated Clone Trooper
    Would that be a called super-duper articulated clone trooper?

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    I'll admit, even I (with my total refusal to buy any Clone Wars toys, even if I do like the movie whenever I see it) would snatch up a Jawa in a heartbeat.

    Maybe Kit, too, if they finally make one that's smiling like a killer. :mabs:
    That's my jacket!

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    The current SA Clonetroopers have 14 points of articulation. How are they going to cram 6 more points in there?
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    MT - Nope thats after this one, because there going to include a pooper scooper for us fan boys when we see the thing.

    So its going to be a Super-Duper Trooper with Pooper Scooper.

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    More rumors from Curto,

    Rebelscum Forums

    AT-CT (a new vehicle? this may be the AT-AT-type vehicle I mentioned in the show)
    R2-KT (this was inevitable...and a welcome addition)
    Nute Gunray (Spongebob!)
    TT Trooper (I have no idea what this is)

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    Loving everything on this list, however isnt this a playset, just not called a playset.

    Possible deluxe wave Includes build a environment pieces!


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