I had to run to some of the stores to return figures and had to pop into Toys R Us. I started browsing through the figures on the pegs and didn't even notice it at first. Then I looked over and there it was: the Disturbance at the Lars Homestead. It was the only one sitting on the shelf (actually, it was sitting on top of one of the Arena Beast things that won't sell; it didn't even have its own spot), so of course I had to buy it. It is big and beautiful. I am so going to have to pull out my T-16 and bull's-eye the womp rat at least once.

The next destination was Wal-Mart. There I found the only first day foil I was missing (EVO trooper) even though the cardboard is a little wavy. I also noticed they had some of the new Star Wars cases still sealed and all piled up Jenga-style in the middle of the aisle. I not-so-subtly went over and found the one I was interested in: the EU Comic 2-packs. They had an Evolutions box too, but I already had all of those. So I cut the comic pack box open and was able to get the rest of the comic packs from the Cade Skywalker/Darth Talon/Dengar/etc. wave.

All in all a pretty good day. I'm liking the Lars Homestead. Inside is a table and it has a "removable roof" for easy access. The moisture vaporator is a nice touch. The paint on Uncle Owen's face is a little odd. It looks like he has brown streaks down the side of his mouth and huge gray bags under his eyes. And of course, Owen and Beru have very little articulation (not that they really did much anyway). I like how they sculpted Owen's one hand into a pointing finger, like he's chastising the sandtrooper.