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    "The deep breath before the plunge"

    Well guys, things round here in the Deep South are gonna get pretty scary over the next couple of days. Hurricane Gustav is looking to wipe New Orleans (and south Louisiana generally) off the map.

    It may just sputter and fade out, dumping a lot of rain and blowing down a few trees between Mobile and Galveston. Hard to tell with these things. Nobody around here (about 150 miles inland from the MS Gulf Coast) is taking any chances, though. Store shelves are wiped clean of canned goods, water, gas cans. You'd probably have to go to Memphis to buy a generator. Local hotel parking lots are full of cars with Louisiana and MS Gulf Coast license plates. New Orleans will begin mandatory evacuations tomorrow.

    We at my house have done all that we can do -- stocking up on groceries, bottled water, ice, snacks. Filled up both vehicles, and filled up 4 cans of gasoline for the generator. My in-laws, who live in Pascagoula, are staying with us for the next few days (at least) (Joy!).

    I'm alternately exhausted and panicked. Three years after Katrina, and now it looks like it's going to happen all over again, maybe to even greater and worse effect. Three years afterward, and I still have dreams from time to time about trees falling down and tornadoes.

    Manitoba is looking better and better...

    Anyway... I don't expect I'll get to post much after tomorrow. I expect power to be out for days, if not weeks. I just ask that y'all all just keep us in your thoughts. To all those other forumites here at SSG who live in Gustav's path: Good luck, and keep your head down!

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    It's a conspiracy by the government to jump start the economy I say!

    Though, seriously I wish you all well and I hope it gose . . . maybe to mexico or somehow manages to hit a relatively low populated reagion of the gulf coast.

    When ever a huricain heads for New Orliens I worry about the few family I have that still live there. I also have nightmares about my mom's coffin being washed out of her grave and going on a journy through the french quarter. I know she's dead and all, but it never has sat well with me that it will probably eventualy happen.

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    My thoughts are with you, Old Fossil.

    I have family in Lafayette, Louisiana and worry every hurricane season. Some of the weather computer models have Gustav's path heading that way, so it gives me pause for concern.

    My dad was in the oil biz and we were transferred to New Orleans (from California) during my senior year of high school. I'm well aware of the mindset in the Gulf Coast during hurricane season. I went through one a few months after we resided there. It was a wimpy category 1 and quickly diminished once it came on shore. We were scared, though, listening to the reports and not knowing what to expect. I'm used to earthquakes, not driving wind and rain!

    I'm hoping all goes well for you. Gustav has the potential to become a category 5. That doesn't bode well.

    As for Manitoba....well, maybe you should consider Ontario, instead. You've got several SSG connections there!

    Be safe! My thoughts are with you and your family!

    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    By the title of the thread, I thought we had another wedding announcement. But this is not good news. May the storm miss you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Fossil View Post

    Manitoba is looking better and better...
    Hey! I'm originally from Manitoba.

    It's a great be from.

    ps - stay safe. - we're praying for ya.
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    I'll be thinking of you O.F. Hope things hold together and if you end up in Oz, bring us back a flying monkey.

    seriously, hang in there dude. hope none of you guys get hurt.

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    As I type this, the eye of Gustav is traveling over Lafayette, Louisiana, where my aunt lives. I'll be anxious to see what happens. Three years ago, when Rita blasted through, my aunt only had damage to a few trees.

    Thankfully, Gustav is losing his punch. He's been downgraded to a category 1.
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    Just saw that Hannah is following Gustav. Man that's so freakish.

    seriously, seriously hope all you guys out that way are ok.

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    Thanks for the well-wishes, everyone. We made it through okay, mostly some large branches and numerous smaller limbs down in our yard, and some flooding locally in my small town.

    TeeEye, have you heard from your aunt in Lafayette? Louisiana got some heavy rains. Hope she's okay.

    Neuroleptic, I saw where the levees in New Orleans held up fine. Interesting to know your mom's resting place is there. Does your family have much history in N.O.?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Fossil View Post
    TeeEye, have you heard from your aunt in Lafayette? Louisiana got some heavy rains. Hope she's okay.
    Haven't heard from her yet, but I believe all is well judging from some reports I watched on the 'net from the local TV stations. It seems the city fared well in spite of Gustav. Thanks for your concern, OF.

    Speaking of concern: you may want to keep an eye on Ike, the next visitor from the east. Hannah looks to affect the east coast, but some early computer models have Ike making landfall between Mobile and Pensacola. That's close enough to cause you some problems, for sure!
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!


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