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Thread: AC/DC Black Ice

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    AC/DC Black Ice

    I totally LOVE Bon Scott-era AC DC but they have been kinda real crappy but last weeks "sneak preview" of the Wal-Mart exclusive (NOT a joke oddly enough) album "Black Ice" sucked almost as hard as Van Halen 3

    Anyone else hear "rock and roll train" and think it blew goats??

    NOyes it sucked LARGE
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    No song with "ball" or "balls" in the title. Do four with "rock" or "rock 'n' roll" make up for that?

    It'd be interesting if "War Machine" and "Anything Goes" were covers of the KISS and GNR songs, but I doubt it.

    I actually like Van Halen 3, but it's totally not a Van Halen record. Sadly, I don't think they'll ever record anything even that good agan.

    But, yeah, this song is pretty weak. The riff is basic and repetitive, even by AC/DC standards*, and Brian Johnson is sounding old and tired. I do not foresee this one on the "Rockin' Deuce: Bigger, Longer, and Taking Care, Sir" motion picture soundtrack.

    *--Like Thorogood, Angus has always been quite good with simple chords in the past. Not so sure about this one.
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    Nothin' says rock n roll like "exclusive at Wal-Mart!"

    Also the Black Ice title is tired, reminds me of Ozzy's Black Rain from last year.

    I love Bon-era AC/DC and I love Brian-era stuff too, so I will give this a chance...I'm not overly optimistic, though. I think it will be hard for them to make a record that sucks, but it could be meh.

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    i'll be passing, cuz anything musically exclusive to WM can't be good.

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    The last Eagles album was quite good, actually.
    Tommy, close your eyes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    The last Eagles album was quite good, actually.
    The Eagles are still making music? i thought they were out riding fences and the sales of their greatest hits albums into the sunset.

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    I heard "Train" on the radio, it reminded me of the way they've been phoning it in since the early '90s, and inspired me to order more Bon Scott AC/DC albums off the web. Not joking, I wasn't going to get "Let There Be Rock" and "Powerage" until I heard the new song and realized that the only way I'm going to enjoy more AC/DC is if I buy more Bon Scott albums. It's funny, as a kid I kinda dug the Brian Johnson stuff, but as an adult it all feels so incredibly shallow, the Van Halen comparison is totally justified.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2-1B View Post
    Let There Be Rock is my favorite AC/DC album !
    Mine is probably Powerage. Flick of the Switch is underrated in my opinion. Let There Be Rock is certainly one of their best songs, especially since his amp caught fire during the song.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    It's funny, as a kid I kinda dug the Brian Johnson stuff, but as an adult it all feels so incredibly shallow, the Van Halen comparison is totally justified.
    I dunno. Even if they dropped off pretty consistently since, Back in Black is still their best album IMHO. Of course, everything else is 100% Bon Scott, minus a few songs like "Thunderstruck" and "Moneytalks." And even Back in Black only narrowly beats High Voltage entirely on the merits of "You Shook Me All Night Long."

    And, to their credit, Stiff Upper Lip was the most experimental (for lack of a better term) stuff they've done since Bon died.
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