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Thread: Favorite Rebel?

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    Cool Favorite Rebel?

    Oh, they had a cause all right. 'Cause if they didn't, well, let's just say that Yavin wouldn't be making any tourist money these days (unless you read EU, then Yavin is a tad poor to visit). But as for action figures, which generic freedom fighter feels finest to you?

    Rebel Soldier Hoth Battle Gear
    Rebel Commander
    A-Wing Pilot
    B-Wing Pilot
    Rebel Commando

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    Well since I can barely remember these figures I'd have to go with Rebel Soldier Hoth Battle Gear.
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    hoth definitaly

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    I always liked the hoth rebel commander.

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    Rebel Soldier Hoth Battle Gear,I had plenty of the soldier way back when and still remains high on my list of great figures
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    Re: Favorite Rebel?

    I would have to say that my favorite would be the Rebel Commander, nice figure and he looks great posed fighting Snowtropers. Again, as usual my number 1 pick is from Empire. I guess while it's not my favorite of the movies, it has most of my favorite vintage figures. As for the rest, in best to worst here is how I rate them:

    1. Rebel Commander
    2. Rebel Commando
    3. Rebel Soldier Hoth Battle Gear
    4. B-Wing Pilot
    5. A-Wing Pilot

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    Thumbs up

    I will go with the A-Wing pilot, not really sure why though.
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    I never really liked the rebel figures all that much ( i.e. the one listed). But I guess I would have to go for the Rebel Commando.
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    Rebel Soldier Hoth Battle Gear. He doubled as my Luke in Hoth Gear until Kenner released one.

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    Hoth Trooper.

    Why haven't they done this sculpt in the new line?


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