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    The Flash

    The Flash is good so far.
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    I loved Mark Hamill as the Trickster.
    That's my jacket!

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    So far it's been solid and light years better than Gotham.

    Down the road, however, it might rely too much on the meteor freak of the week, or in this case, particle accelerator explosion freak of the week formula.

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    Yeah, this is Smallville all over again. It's lightweight, it's very meteor-freak oriented so the villains are wafer-thin characters, and the romantic triangle is boring because Iris is a non-character.

    It's watchable right now, but Grant Gustin as Barry Allen isn't working for me, he's not leading man material and the rumpled super-suit doesn't help that whatsoever. Everything I liked about the pilot is secondary - John Wesley Shipp as Barry's father (Shipp played Barry Allen in the '90s live-action The Flash and is a good acting fit for this show), Detective Ed Green as Joe West isn't too bad, Harrison Wells as the mysterious mystery scientist with future knowledge, that stuff works.

    The villains don't work, Iris and the romantic angle is downright offputting sometimes since they were raised brother and sister but also because Iris isn't much of a character, the special effects are hit-or-miss, the internal logic is strained, the costume looks awful, Cisco (aka the man who would be Vibe) is incredibly grating, the STAR Labs team is very turnkey (Arrow has a team behind him, so The Flash gets one by default before he even wakes up), and the actual plot writing is pretty dumb and simplistic (Barry can't beat the clones, but then he can using the same skills and plan only because Joe gave his blessing).

    There are some interesting potential spoilers though: you have Eddie Thawne already, you have the Flash Rebirth through New 52 angle with Barry's mom which could lead to big things, you have Doctor Wells' future newspaper foretelling Flashpoint elements and Wells' behavior this week with Simon Stagg... these could be interesting or they could flame out or they could be clunky problems.

    I'll give this a few more episodes but considering how much stronger Arrow was this week, I may not stick with The Flash for long.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    I loved Mark Hamill as the Trickster.
    I was wondering what people here thought about his performance. I was not aware that he had played the role before, so at first I was confused by the fact that your post was months before his appearance on the show.

    I liked how they reunited the brothers from Prison Break.

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    The show has been a surprise for me. I expected much less. In fact, I expected I'd stop watching. I can't watch Arrow at all. It just doesn't do it for me, but I'm happy for its success. Flash has managed to squeeze in much more of the comic's mythos and characters into just the first season.

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    I've been enjoying this series a lot and tuning into Agents of Shield right afterwards on Tuesdays has made the latter seem very lackluster.
    I thought the twist involving Reverse Flash was handled very well such that even those who have read Flash comics for any period of time wouldn't be able to guess.

    Arrow is only a sometimes watch for me and it'll be interesting to see if next season's spin off, by all intents a Justice League show, is closer in tone to Arrow or Flash. The new Supergirl series I expect to be more like Flash in tone.


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