Dude this show is great!

It's a new FX (cable, satelite, Direct TV) show about a motorcycle gang based kind of on the Hell's Angels. 10pm PST, but if you have satelite or Direct, check to see if it's not on right now! They play shows on EST.

So, in another life, there is some appeal to me being a biker gang member and doing murders for my gang, blowing up stuff, selling guns, etc. - but I probably wouldn't. The lack of women in men's prison doesn't appeal to me.

For fans of The Shield, I think some of the staff have gone over, and Jay Karnes (Dutch) will be playing an ATF agent next week. The One-Niners (black) gang from The Shield is also featured. I don't know if Dutch will play the same character - if it takes place in the same "universe" as The Shield. He gave a different name in next week's "Son's" preview, but he might be undercover. He seems to be more bad-arse and less nerd in Sons.

Ron Pearlman plays the biker gang leader in Sons - but you'd be surprised who's really calling the shots behind the gang! (We'll discuss it after everyone's seen the show).