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    There's a place in my town with "Rent A Harley." I don't have a motorcycle license, but I bet they take people for rides or train them.

    I was thinking about taking a friend and treating them, both of us doing this, and feeling like real prospects for Sam Crow.

    Go to and learn all about being a biker! FX has a cool website they put together for SoA.

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    Another good show last night. I loved the shoot-out at The Tribe's clubhouse. Why more people weren't killed is beyond me. They should have showed more bodies and empty bikes. I'd like to learn what the biker code says about the rides of dead bikers.

    The gun Gem gave Tera is likely a murder weapon she will use for blackmail. Tera put her prints on it now. The best thing the good little doctor can do is get rid of it - bury it somewhere - when no one from SamCrow is watching her. She has her own weapon, so she doesn't need that anyway.

    I understand the value of an unregistered gun - but there is no free gift from Gem. She's dangerous. And if she found out Clay slept with that hanger-on girl out in Nevada, Clay might be the one in trouble. He's not as tough as he pretends, especially with his arthritis and aging issue.

    Meanwhile, the Prospect was a real rookie. I felt sorry for him that he didn't get the girl, but while that hurt - and pretty severely I imagine - it's the perceived kind of hurt. He may be very lucky Clay didn't decide to make the Prospect's big mouth receive the physical kind of hurt.

    Good show overall though!

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    How To Play Pocket-Hockey and Remove Tattoos

    Oh man! Where do I begin? There was some serious pain being dished out in tonightís episode!

    Pocket-Hockey Man was a great actor. That guy had me cracking up. Compulsive Masturbation Disorder.

    We first got introduced to the MC world and now we know all we ever wanted to about the CMD World. Do they have a club for that? I donít even want to know what the tattoo for that one would look like!

    Speaking of tattoos, everyone makes such a big deal about how painful it is to get them removed. Well after that one dude was done screaming with his flesh on fire, he slept through the rest of the proceedure.

    Man I love this show!

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    Don't know which was worse, blow torching the tat off the guy's back or Chuckie sticking his hand down his pants every chance he got.

    Good ep. Still one behind.

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    That's pipin' hot!

    So in season 1 they've castrated a pedophile-rapist, had a crack-baby born, removed someone's tattoo by blowtorch, featured a chronic masturbator, had a biker-babe orgy for a patch-over party. What the heck is next?!???

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    Let's see...

    They haven't killed a fed yet (and I could see that happening before the end of the season) or robbed an Armenian money train. Ooops, wrong show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OC47150 View Post
    Nice! I'm glad it got off to a good start, I'm hoping more 'The Shield' stars get onto the show.

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    Another good episode. When I saw that Ally Walker was going to be in it again, I thought, hot damn!! She has to be the hottest fed on TV!!!

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    This show was awesome last night!

    Agent Kohn's body wasn't even cold and Tara and Jax were making love right next to it!

    And the Prospect stole an ambulance.... (to sell on eBay?)


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