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    As Dutch/Kohl's lifeblood seeps from his body, Jax and Tara get it on! What a show!!

    Gemma's talk with the porn queen was interesting.

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    Tonight was a great show. I saw Kim Coates in Smallville playing an FBI Agent. Heís a guy named Kim - the one on Sons of Anarchy that ****s dead people (supposedly) and got bit in the *** by the guard dog.

    Iím still figuring out who all the actors are that play which characters. I mean duh: I could read the official website, but itís sort of fun this way. Anyway, Kim Coates is a good actor. Heís such scum on SoA and on Smallville, he was totally believeable as the complete opposite - some clean-shaven Federal agent.

    Anyway, Iím liking Jax with Tara. I still think sheís pregnant or will be soon. My friend said it was too soon for her to have morning sickness, so the reason she threw up was because of shaken nerves from what just went down with Agent Kohn.

    The Mayan boss was pretty cold. I gathered that was his own SON that he served up to be killed at the churro stand? Thatís really cold. I thought family was everything to his clan? If he did that, heíll still want Clay dead for sure. And Clay will send a surrogate gunning for him.

    Anyway, I just like the feel of this show. I feel family-loyalty coming over me with Jax and the gang. Gemmaís still hard to bear, but I like Jax and Clay. I know those two will eventually be headed for war, and it will be hard to watch. But then, Iím with Jax all the way.

    Jax almost decided he was all the way in tonight, too. When he threw the journal into the funeral pyre - I thought - thatís it: heís all in. But then he surprised me by rescuing the book at the last minute. That was a great scene. Sometimes itís the little things like that which make this show great.

    Oh - and when Clay hurt his hand beating up the Nord boss in the sheriffís holding cell. This show has so many great characters!

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    Good ep.

    I can see Tara getting pregnant, but not yet. The sight of the blood on the bathroom floor made her hurl.

    I kinda expected the Mayan boss's son to pay for his transgressions but not at the churro stand!

    I like the old cop, Unser, more and more.

    And Ally Walker is back next week!

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    Great show tonight! I was really surprised when Otto beat the crap out of that woman ATF agent.

    BTW, recognize Otto as the Armean enforcer that cut off feet in The Shield? His first line was "Jesus Christ." On The Shield, Vic first described him with the line, "Jesus Christ over there is the shooter."

    I wonder if they're going to kill the Prospect's little girlfriend (Cherry or Rita - whatever her real name is)?

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    Good episode. Ally Walker got the crap knocked out of her!!! Wow! Yet she had fun, too.

    I think we won't see Rita/Cherry again.

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    Holy ****! I thought "That’s so ****ed up!"

    I didn’t think Opie was going to die. I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t think so.

    Then I thought they’d figure out who the witness who could ID Bobby was, and waste her.

    But Donna? Innocent Donna who didn’t do anything?!

    That **** is messed up!

    The shoot-out with the Mayans and One-Niners was pretty cool, too. There was a lot of action in this show. I think it was the best episode of SoA yet - but man will it be PAINFULLY memorable, too.

    And Clay knows what Tig did - and how badly they both ****ed up. On top of my suspicions that Gemma and Clay conspired to kill John Teller (Jax’s supposed dad), now Clay is in on this.

    I hope Jax and Opie learn the real truth and wage war! There’s so much cause for revenge!

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    What do producers have against Sprague Graydon? Huh??? I liked Donna.

    Good ep. I think hell's coming to Charming next week.

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    Nice wrap-up to the first season. Jax and Piney getting together will be interesting.

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    FX is already teasing the new season!!! I can't wait!!!!!

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    Very cool. I don't think it starts until September, correct?


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