Yes. I "liked" the above post by OC.

OK, the Mayans are Mexicans, as are the BizLats.

But the BizLats (Nero's guys) are more local than the nomad Mayan bikers.

So when Marx's black people (1-Niners) hit the Mexicans, Nero's BizLats will suffer as the blacks will just shoot any Mexicans, especially with the blacks having the Irish guns.

The Chinese? Hmmm.

OK - so with my thoughts above....

If the Chinese sit down with the Mayans, they could just propose that the Mayans let the BizLats take the fall-out from the blacks' being shot.

I don't see that Alvarez (Mayans) has to do anything the way things lie.

Now Juice knows the truth and he's half-black.

Here's my strategy for Jax trying to make things right with Nero and the BizLats:

Re-establish the truth the (Mexican) Mayans - a rival biker gang to Samcro - shot the blacks. The BizLats (Mexicans) were innocent of that. Put it back on Alvarez and use Juice to get them to listen. Juice owes Jax again and there's no one to protect him (if the 1-Niners would shoot the messenger). So why not send Juice to broker the peace for the BizLats? That'll make things right with Nero.

Jax is in business with Nero and his mom (who he doesn't know killed Tara) is tied to Nero (BizLat O.G.) Samcro has no love for the Mayans and Alvarez really.

So SoA clears the slate for the BizLats and sets the 1-Niners after the Mayans.

Maybe Gemma spills it to Nero, that Juice covered for her in Tara's death.

Then Nero (through with Gemma and business partners with Jax) spills the beans.

Maybe a BizLat connection in rehab gets Wendy after Gemma since everyone learns the truth about how Tara died. Wendy takes out Gemma - the price for getting her son back (theme is SONS of Anarchy) and Jax plans to finish Juice for the death of his wife (since Marx and the 1-Niners probably won't kill Juice.

Of course this is the characters' strategy, but I'm sure Kurt Sutter will write everything going wrong.

Maybe Gemma, furious with Nero, kills her last chance at love, perhaps because she learns Nero conspired to set Wendy against her?

Then the Mayans finish the aging Sons of Anarchy (Charming Original Redwood Chapter)?

Then Gemma still loses everything, and with Wendy in place to get custody, she takes the kids away from Gemma and runs the same way Tara had planned to?

My theory starts to get weak, but it's still possible. Feel free to shoot holes in it.