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    Angry Favorite Bounty Hunter?

    Pure evil? Nah, just in it for the credits. Mysterious, heavily armed, and eroneously-named. I don't know about you, but I really liked playing with all these figures when I was younger. Which one was "scum" you did need, unlike Piett's opinion?

    Boba Fett
    4-LOM (the brown alien)
    Zuckuss (the grey droid)
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    Re: Favorite Bounty Hunter?

    You didn't include Greedo in the list, unless you only are talking about Empire Strikes Back Bounty Hunters. But of the ones you did list I would have to say, 4-Lom (aka Zuckess) was my Favorite. The cloth coat and great sculpting for a vintage figure still impresses me. So here's the list:

    1. 4-LOM (really Zuckess)
    2. Bossk
    3. Boba Fett
    4. IG-88
    5. Zuckuss (really 4-Lom)
    6. Dengar
    7. Greedo (If he's included.)

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    well Boba Fett for sure . I mean he was the first one I had got . I remeber waiting forever for that thing to come in the mail and when it finally got there I was so excited to have that one more star wars figure . And the fact that it was a new character that I hadn't seen before . I think that's the big draw for Boba Fett for me , that and he was about the only person in Star Wars that Vader had any respect for .

    I also liked Dengar alot , in fact when I got into "collecting" again that was the first carded figure I picked up . Dengar on an ESB card .

    Probabaly should have held on to that one , but I ended up trading it for a 48 back ROTJ Chewie

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    IG-88. I liked the fact that he came with two weapons. I was dissapointed with Boba Fett when I found out the missle didn't come out. (who wasn't?)

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    ...of threads :)

    I'd say Ig-88 first,Bossk second(Snake bounty hunters are cool) and Boba last cause everybody always says him
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    Here's my list!

    Boba Fett
    4-LOM (the brown alien)
    Zuckuss (the grey droid)
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    Boba Fett, then 4-LOM
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    Bossk and Boba Fett
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    IG-88 - Well I cant let Boba Fett be my favourite because everybody always says him,plus the fact Ig 88 was a long droid and had a few weapons to boot
    Bossk - Theres nothing like a Snake-ish bounty Hunter on the loose,and the original figure wasnt really that scary at all as he looks like a kind bounty hunter,what a totally wrong message Kenner sent out
    4-LOM - has one of the better power of the force 2 toys that was released but vintage version doesnt look all that great
    Dengar - What can we saw about overweight figures?hhmmm go on a diet or lose the backpack and thats what the power of thhe forec one did
    Zuckuss (the grey droid)
    Boba Fett - Every body says Boba so its a change plus Boba is to over hyped plus the fact he is a weak bounty hunter at that.
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    I've go with Boba Fett. As a kid he was one of my favorites. IG-88 is a very close second. Bossk, 4-LOM, Zuckuss, and Dengar. Also JarJar you forgot Boushh (Leia's bounty hunter disguise). The card reads "Boushh (Bounty Hunter)" nothing about Princess Leia.
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