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Thread: Fringe

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    I can say I stuck it out to the end. Thought most of the storylines were wrapped up well, but I wondered if they were gonna do it in time. Lot of stuff crammed into two hours. Kept thinking, though, that one of the main characters was going to get it in the end.

    Love the 'they float' and checking alternate Olivia's *** out lines. Nice to see the alternate universe addressed one last time. Kinda missed the alt-Liv; she was kinda hot.

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    Overall not a bad ending, but it felt like it was lacking something.
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    I finally got caught up. I couldn't believe they were able to wrap everything up, but they came close to it. I still have unanswered questions, but they are not as important enough to worry about. The ending did feel kind of like something was missing, but Peter's look was almost as if there's a possibility for more to come.
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