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Thread: Fringe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bib Un-Fortuna View Post
    Great episode, cannot wait for Tuesday.

    The Clint Howard scene was truly awesome. He's got you totally believing in what he's saying, thinking about the story arc and what we've seen before, and then they just yank that rug out from under us and we go from contemplating the Pattern to laughing out loud.

    And then it occurs to me that it is also a completely blatant plug for the Star Trek movie that Abrahms directed. Not complaining, but it is just too big of a coincidence that that scene was in this weeks episode.

    Truly a classic Fringe moment . . . just like the Observer showing up in the audience of American Idol!
    Wait till you see the Star Trek plug in next week's episode.

    The observer at American Idol is so cool! Is that for real?
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    Yup it is - I don't watch AI, but my sister does. When I saw the image, I called her to see if she still had the episode in her DVR. She watches Fringe as well, so she confirmed it for me. I saw it myself just a couple of days ago.
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    I think I saw the Observer standing on the corner on my way into work tonight - that guy is everywhere!

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    For the season finale, I was expecting a little bit more.


    The Twin Towers and Peter's grave were surprises but I was expecting...well, more. Something else.

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    More than a Multiverse?!

    For the record:

    The Observer = The Monitor.

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    More than a Multiverse?!

    For the record:

    The Observer = The Monitor.
    Who then is the Anti-Monitor?
    May the force be with you.

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    Clearly NOT the Monitor from Doctor Who.

    Fringe did exactly what Dollhouse failed to do. Both shows started off slowly, but Fringe really built up the backstories on the characters in such a way that you actually cared about what happened to them. This helped add to the momentum and mystery. Fringe also had a more capable cast. God, the acting in Dollhouse was horrible!!!!!

    The season finale blew me away. I wasn't disappointed at all with the revelations unlike OC47150. It was exactly what I wanted. This show has evolved the way The X-Files, a similar show I might add, had during its first season. I can't wait until this one comes back!
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    I guess a lot of people got worked up about the WTC being in the end shot.

    It's not like they flew a 747 over downtown Manhattan.
    May the force be with you.

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    People are inherently stupid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sith_killer_99 View Post
    Who then is the Anti-Monitor?
    Maybe there isn't one. Fringe doesn't necessarily = Crisis on Infinite Earths, but I'm sticking to my Monitor observation. Mostly because both characters' names mean basically the same thing, and they both seem to serve a similar function...

    Of course, this is another good analog (I just have a far greater preference for DC comics - currently publishing the Fringe comic, by the way!)


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