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Thread: Fringe

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    In the episode where the guy was killed by the imaginary butterflies, the victim had a ticket booked on Oceanic Air!!

    Good show. It's getting more complex.

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    Ah, yes. I saw that as well.

    It will be interesting to see what happens with Olivia.

    I get a kick out of some of the things Walter says. Pretty funny stuff.

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    This show is fantastic! It kind of scares me that nobody really seems to be talking about it - it would be a real shame if this show gets canceled before it has a chance to really flourish.
    I really love that even though the science seems so absolutely outlandish they still seem to make it seem plausible.
    Plus, I've got a major crush right now on Agent Dunham! SOoo HOT!

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    I love it. I wach it every week and know alot of people who do. I dont htink this show is going anywhere for awhile. Walter is awesome
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    i like the show, my wife is hooked, but for me i think it's too X-filish. i mean i still sit and watch it but i guess i'm just waiting for an explosive season finale or something. the storylines are interesting which keeps me coming back for more, but a part of me wonders if this show will continue to deliver or will it fall apart after it's first season.
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    You know I remember that X-Files really didn't catch on and become great until about the third season. I'm hoping Fringe (which also really reminds me of X-Files in the best way) does the same, but much sooner; it's already really good.

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    It was a re-run last night so I caught last weeks episode on
    It was a good one. Fringe is better than anything else out there except Terminator.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue2th View Post
    It was a re-run last night so I caught last weeks episode on
    It'll be re-runs for a while. That "last weeks" episode you watched on Fox's website was Fringe's "mid-season" finale. I forget what the exact date they said new episodes would return, but it was sometime around January/February like most other shows that get "mid-season" finales.
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    Hey, there's a novel idea: showing reruns of a show for anyone who might have missed out! Who'd have ever thunk it?! Just think of the possibility this kind of thing has for attracting new viewers to good shows that might not have jumped on at the start!
    Seriously though, I remember when this sort of thing was the norm and would often help shows to expand their audiences. I can't begin to count the number of shows back in the day that I discovered in reruns only to end up becoming a regular viewer. I know lots of folks were bellyaching whenever Lost would show reruns early on, but I really don't think ever showing reruns was the problem. The real problem was the overwhelming number of reruns they'd show in place of new episodes right at the beginning of the season (still don't understand why that show takes so long to produce new episodes for...) All of that just seemed to kill the very concept of the rerun, which I've always thought could be very helpful to a show's continued viewership actually. Take a look at Pushing Daisies - one of the absolute best, and certainly the most unique show on right now, and no reruns were shown during the strike as I recall. Now it seems were about to lose that one, and I can't help thinking that rerunning it from the beginning could have been a big help. Same with Reaper - I hear it's coming back, but it's been so long since it's had any presence on air that I'm betting most of the folks who originally watched it probably won't even remember it.
    Good call rerunning Fringe, though! I'm giving the network mad props for making a good move!

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    Since I watch so many shows, it's kind of a nice reprieve now that some shows are going into reruns.


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