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Thread: Fringe

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    Noble acted the hell out of this episode, too. I thought he was great. Did you notice the change in his personality, when all the brain pieces were hooked up? Walter seemed to have more of an edge, and seemed darker.

    Here's what's coming up, from TVOVERMIND.COM's Sam McPherson:

    Wow. If you thought Fox had no more tricks up its sleeve, you're certainly wrong. They have quite a few tricks, it seems. THe question is: are they good tricks?

    The trick I'm questioning is their January 11 block. Sure, they've moved the return of House back two weeks to this date, but they're also following up House will a new episode of Fringe instead of House's usual follow-up Lie to Me. Want to know why that's even stranger?

    The new episode of Fringe won't be from season two.

    No, we're not catching a glimpse of Fringe's future, but rather of its past. The January 11 episode of Fringe will be an outtake from season one. That's right an entire episode was nixed from the first season, and only now do they see fit to tell us.

    Fringe did have a strangely short first season, with only twenty episodes. The original order was 22, but this was mysteriously cut back. This is obviously one of the two nixed hours. Is there perhaps a second episode that has been shielded from our eyes?

    The content of the episode, titled "Unearthed," is unknown, but it is known to feature the recently deceased Charlie, who was killed in early season two by an otherworldly soldier. It'll be good to see Kirk Acevedo's familiar face back with the Fringe team.

    That doesn't mean that there still aren't a lot of questions. Let me express my incredulity in bulleted form:

    Why was this episode cut?
    Who made the decision to cut it, FOX or the producers?
    What story content was in this episode that we've missed out on?
    Where was this episode supposed to fit in during the rest of the season (we can't know if it takes place immediately after the pilot or shortly before the season one finale)?
    Why now?

    You can read the whole thing at:
    I really should be working. Really.

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    Yeah, I too, was a little surprised to see Charlie alive & well. I knew that this had to be a season 1, but wasn't in DVD box set?
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    Another guy appeared to come back from the dead at the end of the episode. I wonder if that will figure into an upcoming episode. That would make showing this episode now make a bit more sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonthejedi View Post
    Yeah, I too, was a little surprised to see Charlie alive & well. I knew that this had to be a season 1, but wasn't in DVD box set?
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought he'd missed a season 1 ep.

    I did miss last night's ep. Darn it.

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    Pretty solid ep. Some great Peter/Walter stuff. And Asterix got some field work in(yeah!).
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    Asterix and Walter are my new favorite tv duo!

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    Johari window

    What a nice, solid, monster-of-the-week episode.

    We get Walter and Astrid screen time (and they play off each other so well), we get a gun battle in a soggy barn and we get a government experiment gone wrong. This season seems a whole lot stronger than the first season--here's hoping this show stays around for a while.
    I really should be working. Really.

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    Don't forget that we also now have Astrid being aware that Peter has been dead before! That's a good, strong mythology moment that should pay off big time on down the line.

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    Good ep. I like the Walter and Astrid dynamics. Glad to see that relationship being built on.

    I immediately thought of the season 1 or 2 ep of the X-Files with the black sludge in people's eyes. Anyone else??

    Walter at the science center with the little kids was great. Scaring the poo out of them.


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