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    New X-wing? (EU)

    I found this while putzing around on the net. Other than it's "shadow" impication, I love the more streamlined design.

    What do you think? Would you get this if it was made into a toy?
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    Well considering its a main stay of Jedi pilots in the post NJO books, it could be made. I see it as a Titanium before 3.75" version though. Although, I would want to see how they screw up the R9 unit (and why only Luke can have a modified R2 unit etc).
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    Interesting find.

    It doesn't really impress me visually as Star Wars, the curves on the fuselage and at the nose take away from that. I'd probably still buy it though because I'm a sucker.
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    I'd buy it in a second if it came with shadow bombs.

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    i don't see any point in the wings or the guns. if i was going to reshape the x-wing I'd lose the wings and make the guns shorter and more robust. if TIE fighters can manage with no gun barrel then the x-wing can too. and given that it has four engine thrusters of some substantial power there's no need for wings. I'd have shortened the nose too.
    As for buying it, no.

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    The curves on the fuselage are interesting, but I think a little overdone, it gives me horrific memories of watching "Stealth." As well, the large nose doesn't blend very well with the new curviness, and should have been redesigned a bit. Right now when you look at the nose and follow along the fuselage, it looks like a foam glider toy.

    The engines are a little more visually intresting in their sleek appearance, but the thrusters ruin it by their boxy appearance. The one thing I really do like is how well the canopy fits the fuselage now, and nicely leads to the Droid socket area.

    It's a good try, but it looks like the cockpit/droid socket got the most, if not all, the thought in it's refit. The rest kinda seems like they just did some over-smoothing of the rough edges, and then just re-angled the engines.

    I would still buy a Titanium of it though, and woosh it about my room. >_>
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