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    I've only read two chapters, so I'm very much still in the business dealings section, but there has been plenty of intriguing information so far anyway. I can't believe Obi-Wan was literally going to return in the flesh, but it's clear that there wasn't much for him to do, so thankfully that was changed. I just read the summary of the second draft, where Jerjerrod has a lot more to do (before being killed by Vader) and was perhaps not going to be human. I love these books so much - for anyone who's on the fence, the ebook versions are pretty cheap compared to the hardbacks, and even though I have all three in hardback I may buy the ebooks just for the video and audio content. I consider these a must-read for SW fans.
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    Amazing book; only took me 12 parsecs to finish reading (Ben Kenobi looks incredulously at me, knowing it was only 3 months) The Making of ROJ. The English words to "Fancy Man" aka "Lapti Nek," how long it took to film scenes and how much the costs were, great behind-the-scenes pictures I'd never seen before, memories of fans included, those green pages with script updates. I feel bad for Marquand, realizing he was in a lose-lose situation but still came out okay (aside from an abrupt and fast death in 1987 ).
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