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    TPM 10th Anniversary...anyting from Sideshow?

    With 2009 heralding the 10th anniversary (yes, folks...time flashes by quick as one gets older )...I'm hoping Sideshow throws a couple of TPM characters in the 1:6 figure release schedule.

    I appreciate having Qui-Gon (see below) and Darth Maul, but I'd love to see a Padawan Obi-Wan or something exotic like Nute Gunray or...I know it's fan heresy in some circles but...a Jar Jar done in the Sideshow style would be cool (yes, I know...the company wags said "Never!" when they first got the license but....). At the very least, a Queen Amidala utilizing that lovely Portman sculpt in one of her many appearances would be welcome too...

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    I'd like to see a few more TPM figures released. My Episode I Wishlist includes...

    JarJar Binks
    Senator Palpatine
    Nute Gunray
    Padawan Anakin
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    I would really like a nicely done:

    Obi-Wan Apprentice
    Queen Amidala battle outfit with ascension gun
    Naboo Guard
    Naboo Security
    Naboo Pilot
    Captain Typho
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    Jar Jar Binks
    Podracer Anakin
    Sebulba (even though Hasbro's figure was really well done)
    Dud Bolt
    Rats Tyrell
    an Eopie for Qui-Gon
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