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    Plus, it wasn't really a trade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Cruel View Post
    Dammit! See what happens when I am gone for long periods of time? Now we have people swapping kidneys?

    Bobafrett....words are weak whaen it comes to describing an act like that.

    Tycho...hope you are doing well, no not just well, I hope you are completely better, soon.

    I like the action figure idea. But I think it should be a Sideshow 1:6 scale and the exclusive should be a removable kidney.

    The 1:6 Scale Sideshow Tycho figure should come with the mouse droid.

    Godspeed to you both!
    No, if it were a sideshow, I couldn't afford it! Please I work on Wal-Mart wages

    Quote Originally Posted by sith_killer_99 View Post
    Darth is right, words fail man. What Bobafrett did was huge. You gave someone a chance at life.

    Now it's up to T to finish the job and make it count. I have no doubt that he will do just that. I hope you recover soon T!
    I told that young punk he'll have to slow down his driving, I almost pooped the kidney the first time I rode in his car with him back in October.

    Quote Originally Posted by mabudonicus View Post
    (this is a joke that probably only KH would get)

    Barry's figure should come with a commtech chip that plays a kinda tinny, warbly version of the Imperial march with a voice politely explaining he is not available at this time
    Been a LONG time since I heard that
    Just like in real life!

    Quote Originally Posted by Blue2th View Post
    Frett, aren't you suppose to get some blue stripes on your Stormtrooper armor for that?
    At least move up in the ranks?
    Just a simple Stormtrooper with a mop and bucket for Death Star floor duty!

    Quote Originally Posted by 2-1B View Post
    Probably not, since Frett has a reputation for overcharging on shipping and handling.
    That's it, next time I do a trade with you, I'm TRIPLEing your shipping and handling charges!!!! Mostly because I laughed so hard when I read that I peed out of my remaining kidney!
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    I'm so happy that you're both doing great after the surgery. it's truly amazing.
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    I told that young punk he'll have to slow down his driving, I almost pooped the kidney the first time I rode in his car with him back in October.
    I guess that would have made the transplant easier on you....then again, maybe not.
    May the force be with you.

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    I wanted my first post since I got back to be a "thank you to Barry (BobaFrett)" but "thank you" doesn't cover it.

    I've actually been afraid to post and discussed this with Barry and JediTricks on the phone.

    So there really is nothing I can post that will cut it, but "thank you" is a start.

    Barry saved my life with his donating a kidney. If I were just going on living to only go to dialysis and back to sleep, with my distended stomach that made me nauseaus and maybe subject to go on living without a girl to love or hopes to be able to function normally and get back to work and life, I am not joking when I say I would have killed myself this year. I have about as many suicide plans as words in any of my long posts, and I even learned a few of them wouldn't work. There is life and there is quality of life.

    Barry has made the possibility for the quality of my life turn around 180 degrees!

    I do not feel perfect now, however, medical tests say my body is functioning just about as normally as everyone else's finally. My creatinine (protein waste in my blood) is at 1.7 at its last testing on Friday - everyone's normal point is 1.5 and I could be there or even better right now - I'll test again on Monday. Before transplant I think I was 8.6 while on dialysis, and I might have been as high as 15 or so without those treatments. The poison in my blood was actually making me lose the ability to walk because my legs hurt so much as this stuff collected in them and I remember once having to sit and rest twice, just to cross the parking lot from my doctor's office to get to the hospital when my baby cousin was born. That day I phoned Barry and spoke to him and his wife when I was crying outside the hospital because I was afraid I couldn't even step in without assistance. In maybe a couple of weeks I might be able to go jogging and now it will be an even longer time until they ever get me in a wheelchair (I even insisted on walking out of the hospital when I was discharged - and they normally wheel everyone out even if they come in for a hangnail )

    But when I first posted what was happening to me, and Barry responded that he'd like to help, as I told him, I took it with a grain of salt. "Yeah right." That's nice. Everyone can post something nice on the internet (but it's usually just the opposite case anyway). But I have best friends here, living by me, some are Star Wars fans and some are not, who knew me for 10 to up to 18 years now - and it would never have surprised me if they'd stepped in to donate. Funny how I know all of their blood types and my little brothers. But they were not going to work out. I'm a Type-O and can be a universal donor, but I am very limited on who I can receive from. I literally can list friends you won't know - and their blood types - but the real point here is that Barry is a Type-0 as well as a virtual stranger in many ways.

    Barry and I "talked" here on the site for what's now going on over 10 years. He actually (I'll take the liberty to guess) thought my posts were funny (no comments from the rest of you please). But I never met him in person unlike the many of you who got to hang out with me at conventions and other trips and vacations around the country (Denver, Indianapolis, San Diego, etc.)
    Then Barry came out in October for what was a false-start to this transplant business. They drew our blood and put it together under a microscope and my immune system attacked his blood. They couldn't do the surgery then afterall. I was devastated and so depressed. I began talking with a psychologist again (one who actually counseled me while I was at dialysis and actually saw what goes on in the medical situation there - and admitted I had a real reason to be depressed) and I invented a few new ways to kill myself. However I don't have the medical knowledge myself when it comes to knowing what to do with some options. (That's very fortunate in light of my transplant having actually happened now.)

    But after everything, and not without his own challenges, Barry returned to California again, to finally make this happen. And you know, up until the day I picked him up at the airport February 1st (about 15 minutes after the Super Bowl concluded) I went on thinking "whatever" and tried to imagine what I was going to do if this got delayed again - by the airlines, the medical tests, anything - including whether Barry and his family thought they could really go through with it. But it really did happen.

    I'll talk about the surgery in a minute, but when I was finally getting prepared for it and then woke up in what seemed like seconds after I lay down on the operating table, and a nurse told me I had a new kidney and it was already working, I was shocked. "When did this happen?" I wanted to know! I thought they'd mixed me up with another patient and that person already had their transplant. But as it dawned on me, I immediately thought about Barry and asked about how he was doing and thought about how thankful for him I will always be. But it really hit me right then.

    I'll be right back. I have more to post.

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    Josh, so good to see you back on the boards again! See guys, I told you we ccouldn't go without his long posts! Love you man, take good care of that kidney sir, for it is now yours by ownership. Yep, I had to sign it over to you, Ill miss it, but not too much as I never saw him, like a child who turns 18 and flees the nest never to return!
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    Well plan on a reunion tomorrow. Michelle (my very cute nurse - she looks like Summer Glau (Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles) is bringing me over to your hotel if that's OK with you and Robin.

    I have to be at the hospital for blood testing and an appointment with Dr. Schaeffer and a few others (Doctor Vader?) and I'll probably be cut loose between 11 and noon.

    I'm going to add to more to my post above right now though.

    [Actually my post above seems solid, so I'll just start a new one. It'll help me fake it that I don't really write THAT much.]

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    Give us a call. We will most likely be in all day. Our big trip today was to Church. I just read the entire story where I offered you my kidney, but you said "yeah, right" then I sat at home a cried, then I decided I would have Dr. Marsh forcibilly insert one of my kidneys into you, and like that's how it goes, the story I'm posting about how you got my kidney. (Best sounding if read like a canadian, ya hey there) (No offense to Mabs or other fine posters who live just North of our borders)
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    Hey, who said I was a fast, reckless driver? Well now I have to slow down, as I can't take the chance that "I won't live anyway."

    But seriously, those signs that the cops tell me say "65 MPH" always looked like "95" in my rearview mirror when I saw them blow past me as I was rolling my SUV upside-down.

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    Holy crap! So good to see you back and fully functional, Josh!!!
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