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    thanks for the updates JT and Frett.

    Soon enough Tycho will be back telling us bout his drug induced dreams.

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    That's great news, I was getting worried when 6:00 rolled around last night and we hadn't heard anything.

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    That's good news.

    I know it's gross, but I wonder if Tycho gets to see what they pulled out of him in a jar?
    "Ohh, maxi big da fish! Well dat smells stinkowiff"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue2th View Post
    That's good news.

    I know it's gross, but I wonder if Tycho gets to see what they pulled out of him in a jar?
    It would have to be a big jar. He said they were the size of mousedroids, I mean footballs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue2th View Post

    I know it's gross, but I wonder if Tycho gets to see what they pulled out of him in a jar?
    Wonder if they let him flamethrower them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Jax View Post
    Wonder if they let him flamethrower them?
    More importantly, since they're mouse droid-sized, did they let him sniff them?

    Anyway, glad to hear it!
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    I spoke with Josh briefly yesterday. He said he was in pain and he was sitting up. I tried to be of comfort telling him that the pain would subside. I mean they had to pull his stomach and intestines out to get the old kidneys removed, then put everything back into place. He had been cut up the middle. He told me that they were going to discharge him on Sunday. Then I heard a female voice in the background, and Josh goes to me "I got a new nurse, I need to talk to her, bye." Just like Josh, she must have been cute.
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    Hehe. There were several of my nurses who were very cute! Actually I guess I was a popular patient with them too, because today I was discharged and one of them brought me a Get Well Card that they had all signed and written little messages to me on. I should have surgery more frequently. It's a great way to meet women!

    I took them all roses that came from the hospital gift store - but exactly where was I going to go shopping while tied to a morphine drip?

    I told several of them about one of my morphine induced dreams. True story (well dream anyway) - in my dream I make spaghetti sandwiches while naked, and don't have any clothing I'd consider putting on, in spite of owning a clothing store in my dream. Now most of the women I encounter are old ladies that seem to grow faint at the sight of me making my spaghetti sandwiches naked, but then a really hot chick comes into my clothing shop and I ask her, "Would you like to try one of my homemade spaghetti sandwiches?"

    Anyway, I weighed myself as soon as I got home. How big were my kidneys? I weighed 174 lbs when I left for the hospital Tuesday morning. I weigh 153 lbs now! - I'm back to a trim build just like I was in college!!! Thanks to BobaFrett, I had them take me back to a washboard, flat stomach. I mean I am good-looking again! Is it just me who thinks so? I went and got my hair cut this evening and all the girls in Supercuts were stunned. They said I looked great and asked if I wanted to start dating again. I didn't even have to create my own opening by telling them about my spaghetti sandwiches

    But in all seriousness for a minute here (just for a minute), I couldn't see this day ever coming. BobaFrett made a miracle possible and my surgeons did one heck of a job. The doctors knew how concerned I was with the cosmetic after-effects, and I have self-dissolving stiches on the inside of the incision and surgical glue on the outside. (I think they sewed up Barry the same way -be aware of this option because docs prefer staples, it's quicker, easier, more seductive...) But this will heal up to a fine white line I may not even need to bother having removed later.

    I am really impressed with the results and keep looking in the mirror because I can now feel so good about myself. Thanks for everyone's well-wishes that were offered here, and many of you who called me on the phone - or listened when I was alone in the hospital and needed someone to talk to. It's been almost a 4 year ride since the time I nearly died from that brain aneurysm. Looking back it's really hard to believe that I've arrived here. Pretty incredible. Thanks to all in the SirStevesGuide community.

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    Tycho, I might not recognize you the next time I see you!

    Thanks for the great news!


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