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    Great stuff you guys. Congrats on making it happen and keeping it going, keeping the message going and, you know, "not dying" and all that, both of you, very impressive stuff. It's hard to believe it's been 5 years already, it still feels like just around the last corner. Love the photos of the donor wall and the Jeffrey Brown drawings, they would make great avatars!
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    It's a gift that keeps on giving.

    Last night when I volunteered at the hospital we got a 26 year old young man cleared of all his tests so he can have his kidney transplant this year.

    A lady friend of his will be his living donor and she is being tested now. It will take several months of monitoring her health to make sure she is a suitable donor. BobaFrett went through this for me and I am forever grateful.

    When new come to our support group meetings at Scripps, they learn all about the process and how it helps transform and save lives. Up to 20 new patients come to some sessions.

    I've been volunteering as a counselor at my hospital where 'Frett and I had the surgery for just about 6 years now, since even before I had my transplant. It so helped me, so I have to help others. Obviously the one in need, I can never be able to give back like BobaFrett did, but I am glad I can contribute in my own small way.

    But 'Frett and the others who volunteer to be living donors are heroes for the rest of their lives! (transplants work even better and last much, much longer when they come from living donors).
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    That is great Josh! Whenever I am sharing our story, I always tell those whom I am sharing with about your volunteer work you do for these folks, who like you are wanting to know about what it is like being in that situation. You could have just had the transplant, sent me back home and never spoke to me again, and just went about life, but you make me proud to have been part of this journey, so glad to call you a friend, more like a good brother, and one hell of a good guy. When we started down this road all those years ago, from you giving me the phone number of the person to contact at Scripp's, then putting the ball in my court, I am glad I made the call. I wish we could have documented things ( the tests, some of the messages we shared, and the dates) a little better, but in the end, you are doing so well, and that's what counts!
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