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    Damn Tycho I dont know what to say man, I am actually lost for words.

    My wishes are with you and I hope everything goes ok.
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    Oh, man, I can't tell you how much it sucks to hear that, but at least it's not totally off the table. Is the whole situation with your immune system something they just discovered yesterday?
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    Yes. When a mint-fresh blood sample was taken from me and my donor, they could do their best testing for a reaction.

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    Tycho, I hope everything works out for you despite the recent setbacks.

    I was going to post this in the TF movie thread but I might as well do it here. So it appears that a TF movie ride will be constructed and then opened at Universal Studios in 2011. I would love to join you when you come to ride it!

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    Cool - about the Transformers ride. But TF is Paramount, not Universal???

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    The super immune system is the first step. Learn to regenerate next and you'll be ready for adamantium claws.

    it sucks that you've got to endure even more pain and discomfort after all that you've gone through. but if means the transplant is more likely to succeed it'll be worth it. just keep remembering all those plans for dioramas.

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    *crosses fingers*
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    I had really hoped this would be over for you, and that by now you would be sitting in the hospital in recovery. I'm a bit saddened, but hopefully optimistic that together you can rule the galaxy with donor and recipient!
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    I hope you have a speedy recovery and can get those damned things out as soon as possible. That's no way to have to spend a day, much less years of your life. I won't tell you to be positive, because what you are dealing with is completely beyond my comprehension and it seems a bit crass to say such a thing, but it is my wish that you are back to normal as soon as can be. Hopefully, the light is visible at the end of the tunnel.
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    I've now spent 3 YEARS with a growing belly because my kidneys got so swollen and bloated, they pushed my stomach and intestines further and further forward, so it looks like I'm pregnant.

    In other threads we all have talked a lot about women. Our relationships with them are very important to a lot of us guys. For the most part, I am only left to contend with my ex's who knew me when I was normal once upon a time, and now feel sorry for me and/or want closure from our past experiences.

    However, I'm really trying (harder than I'd ever had to) in order to meet new ladies for companionship and more. What that winds up meaning, is that I'm a fun diversion from relationships they are already in, and I think they feel safe having a fling with me, because initially they think that they'd never really take me seriously as a prospective boyfriend. Translate that however you will.

    But back to what many will regard as more important, the crunching of my stomach causes naseau and vomiting, replacing pants and belts that no longer fit me or finally shrink in the wash no matter how careful I've been, and converting any new pants to bear suspender buttons so I can actually keep my pants up. As I said before, sweatsuits are way more comfortable, but you can't wear them everywhere, and I still like nice restaurants and some things I still enjoy in life are taking dates out to nice places and events that you can't wear a sweatsuit to.

    However, I think I'm now safe in buying my Metallica tickets for December 11th. (They're playing San Diego State, my Alma Matter) I don't have much else I'm looking forward to, except...

    My novel is currently being professionally edited. Maybe I'll do better at working on it without post-transplant pain and constant follow-up appointments?

    The house and working with my Star Wars dioramas doesn't actually seem any further away. It was less dependent on my kidney transplant than on the success of my novel and getting into the publishing world. I am working on my story's prequel now. If I have time to search for real estate, I may buy well ahead of a transplant and recovery. I have to go on with my life like I'm going to make it through all this. My theory is that in the event of sudden death, I won't really care.

    When I'm re-settled, I might re-enter political activism and work my way back into a position where I might run for office.


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