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With a little luck, you'll have nothing but really cute nurses.
I hope so as well. But you should see the nutricianist! I went to college with her when she worked as a waitress at Chillis. I made my friends go there to eat with me so many times so I could flirt with her. She never went out with me, but she did hug me when I came into the restaurant and she'd come and sit at my table with me on her break. I once met her at a downtown nightclub, but that wasn't like it was a date.

Thus I can conclude that she likes me at least as a friend and that (miraculously) I don't annoy her. That's a start I guess. (A Tycho Dating Tip: It's good not to annoy a girl you like.)

So my doctor had a special diet book for kidney patients prepared by singer Billy Joel's wife - her father suffers from kidney failure. (Billy Joel's wife is really hot by the way. Her picture's in the inside cover. She hosts cooking shows and writes recipe books or something like she's another Rachael Ray.) Well, I asked my doctor for a copy, he gave it to me, and I'm going to bring it to the hospital with me as a present for this girl - taking an interest in being of help to her with her career. (Another Tycho Dating Tip: Try bribing the girl you like. It can really work.)

Anyway, so while I go balls out after my nutricianist (I already know what I want to eat), that won't stop me from flirting with the rest of the nurses if I come across any I am interested in. But I have already stayed in this hospital twice for treatments to prepare me for this transplant. I was not at all attracted to my nurses - they were probably in their 40s, maybe one was in her 30s, but they were caring and copetant, and for that I greatly appreciated them and liked them very much - but not in THAT way. Besides, my pseudo girlfriend (on / off again ex-girlfriend of 12 years or so) is way hot still, she's a nurse too (not at my hospital though) and she's always around. I really am in love with her but we don't have any semblance of a normal relationship. So it would be best if that changed for the better, or I could make a fresh start with someone else. But the thing is, we'll always be close and I have no idea (long term) what that means.

Hope everything goes smoothly and you're back here telling us about your dreams
I will soon be posting while on oxycontins, maybe even morphine!

You guys have not experienced the True-Tycho posting YET! Uh-oh. Look out! There will be some strange stuff a-coming!