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    I hope it goes well Tycho! I'll be keeping you in prayers!

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    I'm praying for you, Josh. I didn't realize you were this close, so I'm not sure if you'll see this before going in.
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    Hey, I usually just pop in here every once and a while, and just noticed this thread today on the main page.

    Anyway, good luck Tycho. Hopefully all went well and you will soon be on the mend. Get well soon, Josh!

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    Good luck as always. We'll be waiting to find out you're well and have gotten into plenty of trouble with nurses.
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    Anyone hear anything from Tycho?
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    It's too early yet. They're probably under way now, though.
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    GOOD LUCK! See you on the flip!
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    Tycho received the donor kidney today in a 4 hour surgery starting at 10am PST this morning thanks to a VERY generous donor. Both donor and recipient are doing well as of the last time I talked to T on the phone, around 9pm this evening. He won't be getting out of the hospital until Friday, and decided not to bring his laptop so no reading or writing posts until then, but I'll be sure to keep everybody up to date on his condition.
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    That's great news! Here's to a speedy recovery!
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    That's awesome!!! Definitely wishin' a speedy recovery to Josh AND his friggin' awesome donor.
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