BobaFrett's right. The surgery was postponed until Thursday at 3:30pm. It's going to suck because I have to not eat from midnight on! By the time the op's over, it will be 4:30, and I'll be waking up even later than that! Michelle's taking off of work to take care of me - a good part of all of this, though if I wake up hungry, I am not going to be pleasant to be around until I have a hamburger!

Since it hurts me, I wonder if I have Saurins there? I could use at least 6 more (Hrchek kal Fas) and HTS's been out and I haven't gone into the stores hunting, though I'm hearing I probably should now that folks are finding the new ESB wave! But I won't be able to drive for a little bit after surgery.

Thanks for helping me be brave JabbaJohn. You've really been a trooper around these boards for a long time now!