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    Better soft goods for Vader please!

    We all know they suck, we just don't usually say it. But the cloth elements on Vader figures have been crappy for years now, at least since the thin, semi-translucent capes and skirts from the ROTS era. It's held these figures back from being perfect far too long, and having seen the results of Galactic Hunter's work here:
    and the gallery for it specifically here:
    it's clear that the realism that other armored figures have been enjoying the hell out of lately is lost on mainstream Vader figures only because of those godawful capes and skirts you've been producing. The wrong size, the wrong cut, the wrong opacity - that's what keeps Vader figures looking so toyetic. Hell, it's really a step back when you look at the rare good cloth capes like on the Masters of the Dark Side 2pack.

    Vader could be nearly perfect if only you, Hasbro, would get your act together and complete what is still lacking in this design. We're so close right now, and yet clearly the example shows just how far we truly are. The TAC Stormtrooper with its new helmet design brings that figure almost to the realism level of the Medicom version, which is nearly photo-real. Vader should be there too, and judging by Galatic Hunter's example, it already could be.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    My major gut respons is not another Vader.

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    I don't know. I'd be wiling to pay for a new darth vader if he was just a re-hash of the two stage helmet with that awsome cape. The chain is what truly makes it work for me!

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    I hate cloth goods because they never look right. Hermi Odle is a good exception to that rule.

    VOTC Luke, VOTC Obi-wan, the upcoming Bail Organa - the cloth goods look home made, like someone just wrapped a bunch of cloth around the figures.

    It is amazing how much better the ROTJ vintage figures were in the '80's when it came to cloth goods.

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    I would like to see a vinyl DVader cape....the soft goods don't give him an 'imposing' look. My problem is that his cape is necessarily long so standing can be an issue with Vader.....he generally ends up with limited posability....which is usually true of the character in general.....

    I do like the idea of soft goods on some figs....but I generally like plastic....
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    Hasbro has better materials to choose from. Just look at the soft goods portions on the Mon Calamari and Tessek warriors from wave 2.

    I think Hasbro's holding out on this because they need something to get us all to buy a new Vader figure next year.

    I generally prefer soft-goods where they make sense. In other words, use them when sculpted vinyl or plastic would restrict articulation. So, that means capes and robes should always be soft goods, but clothing items like jackets and vests look ridiculous as soft goods.
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    Oh nice threads on 2 personal pet peeves in the Dear Hasbro section - how crap Han solo figures are lately and soft bleedin' goods Vader capes!!!

    I concur, they are awful. And yet they weren't always as illustrated by Commtech Vader and Masters of the Darkside Vader. Just another example of regression in some parts of Hasbros toymaking - the others being likenesses and the occasional figure with ugly balljointing.

    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    I think Hasbro's holding out on this because they need something to get us all to buy a new Vader figure next year.
    Probably true. And when they fix the cape&chain issue they'll have to find some other way to stop it being totally definitive. Perhaps rerelease the 500th Vader with the new cape style rather than the 3piece helmet version.

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    I think i would have to pass on buying yet another Darth Vader even with that awesome cape. I feel Hasbro is never gonna give us a correct Vader but rather continue to rehash older Vaders and force us to buy them to get the included bonus (ie, holo figures,stands, obi's robe,coin,droid part etc.)

    if you think about it at least they are not re-releasing the POTF body buider Vader.
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks


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