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    Sio Bibble question

    and a lot of you already know I live in France and found the Sio Bibble wave (only Naboo Royal Guard, Sio Bibble and Pit Droids 2-Pack) at toysrus here
    my question is if they are maybe worth a lot
    I know the wave is very rare in the US
    the card is european and the chip in french - the number on the cardback is .101 I think
    I don't really know if that's the .oo, .o1 number so maybe I could send a copy of the card just to let you know what the number exactle is
    when the figs are really worth something I'll maybe buy a couple of them and try to sell them later in the US or somewhere

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    They are good for trading here in the US, but I don't think as good for selling.
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    Definatly good trade bait, but mostly for collector's that open their stuff. Most people for some reason prefer the American cards to the tri-logo foreign versions. Although since these are the pit droid 2-pack versions you may get some carded collector's that are willing to trade or pay more for them.

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    I think the American cards look better because they only have one language, the Tri-logo cards don't look as nice with all the languages. So, yes, an opener would be your best bet.
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    Hey now! I happen to be an avid collector of foreign carded variations!!!

    Though I must be selective, it can get quite expensive, especially with shipping.

    Though, they are correct. The loose/opener collectors are your best bet. However, you said that these have the French speaking chips? Some may not care for that.

    On the other hand, I would LOVE to get my hands on these french speaking European delights! I have never encountered the French speaking chips! I have a few European EP1 figs. but they are the English speaking chips.

    I would be interested in trading or perhaps buying two of each for my foreign collection. One set to keep carded and one to open.

    LMK if you are interested in working something out:

    Sorry for posting this, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity.
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    thanx sith killer I would love to trade hem but I'm only 15 years old and have no idea how high the shipping would be or how we could do that exactly
    I have a couple of german speaking chips too but only loose I don't think that would help you very much
    but thanx anyway

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    WOW, this is the first I've heard of those.

    I have lots of different foreign cards, Italian, Euro, Japanese, Canadian, I even have a few Gigi cards.

    I have traded with folks in 6 different countries. Postage between the U.S. and Europe is a bit high.

    Are there any good on-line stores you know of that sell foreign carded SW figs? I've been to but I pretty much have everything from there that I want.
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    I have no idea where you could get them carded
    I bought them all in toysrus and other toystores
    I have qui-gon and obi-wan and so on in german but believe it sounds awful - worse than the american chips


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