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    Jango Fett, with Ankin.
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    Anakin and Palpatine/Sidious (a la the POTJ cards)

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    If current rumors are true (one card for the whole line), I think a good representation would be Darth Vader with Hayden's face reflected in the lenses. That would be pretty cool.

    If it is going to be strictly an E2 card, I'd have to go with Anakin. Jango doesn't seem to be a huge part of the saga like Anakin.

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    If being consistent is of any importance:

    Vader for the POTF/OT figures.
    Maul for TPM/E1 figures
    Dooku for AOTC/E2 figures
    Anakin for E3 figures.

    The POTJ corner art is supposed to encompass the entire saga. They may just stick with that concept from now on.

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    How about a clonetrooper helmet? Putting an actors face on the card costs extra lisensing and royalty fees. That's why there's an animated Obi Wan on the POTJ cards. So no Anakin, Dooku or Mace Windu. Other than that, I wish to see a blue tinted card (much like the Galoob Ep 1 Micro Machines campaign) with Fett or a Clonetrooper in the corner.

    Jargo has a good point about smaller packaging. Less packaging MIGHT lower the price and it would also allow more space per figure at Wal-Mart, TRU, etc. Instead of 6 pegs, they might have room for 10 or 12 in the same amount of space, and that means more figures to choose from. And more peg-warmers...(sigh)
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    Gotta be Jar Jar in a heroic pose............... but, seriously, it could be Dooku for Ep2 - think about it, Christopher Lee is a very high-profile actor...... must be a marketing guy's dream.
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    Anakin. Either him or Bob Dole. Wouldn't you like to see Bob Dole's face on your E2 figures?
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    Would that mean the action figures would share a marketing campaign with viagra? I can see it now....."Get a free sample with every toy!"

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    Has to be George W. (pronounced "dubya")

    After all we all know he is the Emperor.

    (think about it, an un assuming gov. rises to the level of pres.)

    sounds vaguely familiar.

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    Can we keep this from becoming a discussion of political ideologies?


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