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    Best LUKE figure ever...Hands Down !!

    Recently I have opened up most of my SW figures because they just were not fun any more staring at me from behind a plastic bubble.... Anyway I found that I am sort of a sucker for the Luke figures... My favorite one so far is the floppy hat FB Luke. So it sparked the question... which is everyones favorite luke of all the 3 3/4 inch line? And what would make a really great luke that maybe hasn't been sculpted yet?
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    My favourite LUKE would be the Vintage ROTJ Jedi Outfit Luke. The sculpt was great... for vintage and the cloth cloak totally ruled... unlike the chocolate "Magic Shell" cloaks they like to make now.

    As far as the current sculpts... I like the floppy hat one, too.
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    Everything after ST Luke has that goofy head sculpture where he looks like he's permanently stoned or was dropped on his noggin by Amidala as a baby. The ST Luke is definitely my favorite. What's not to like? He could double as Luke as a ST or just a ST. The Bespin and Dagobah Lukes are also pretty good.

    I would really like to have a different X-Wing Luke than the one just released. They need to make one with the original head, a removable helmet, and an ascension gun like the one from ESB on Hoth. That would be slick.
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    That would be Bespin Luke although it is from the POTF2 line, in second place i would place the stormie Luke that came in the ParkerBrother's game with another version of Darth.
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    I htink the Bespin Luke is the best.

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    Vintage Luke Jedi, I'm a sucker for the oldies.
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    Bespin Luke, although Floppy Hat would be a close second. It's really the only Tatooine Luke resculpt that made any sense to me. I'm glad to see some others liked it.

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    Well, I personally don't care for ANY of the Tatooine Luke sculpts. The only thing Floppy Hat has going for it is the elbow articulation and the removable hat (I love hats/helmets as accessories).

    The Bespin Luke is a really good sculpt (as far as Lukes go) and is definatly in the running fo the top spot...hey he has a removable hand!

    However, the top spot goes to........
    Stormtrooper Luke (from the Cinema Scene). Cool "Check out my Lats!" action pose.

    Running a close second is the regular Stormtrooper Luke.

    Ironically, my least favorite Luke is the Stormtrooper Luke from the game! Simply because he has no helmet. As I said, my favorite accessory is helmets/hats. I was REALLY mad that Vader got a removable helmet and they were too cheap to stick in a Stormtrooper helmet for Luke.
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    I have to go with Bespin Luke.
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    Luke Jedi from the "Final Jedi Duel" Cinema Scene.
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