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    I myself am a completist, (no EP1 though) and honestly its not for any kind of dumb braggin rights, I honestly love it!! Right now I am 11 figures away from having all the POTF2-POTJ (trilogy only)guys. Nothing beats the feeling of finding one of the figures you need sitting on clearence or at a comic shop or finding that perfect cheap Ebay lot. I myself was lucky I was able to grab 27 freeze frame figures form a clearence outlet store for a buck each!! Now I can honestly admit how dumb it can be percieved by others, whats the use of having the same Darth Vader on a holo and a freeze frame know I have no idea why?? hmmmmmmm, maybe i should re think this now.......naw I came this far why stop......Ok fine I admit it...... im an addict......oh well better than doing crack i guess....
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    I'm a completist...yes I am. But I am because I love the figures. I enjoy collecting them, and I find great pleasure in just being able to appreciate the sculpting on many of the figures. Yes I'm a completist, but I enjoy it. So uh..its okay.
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    I happily collect every 3/4" guy made as well as all compatible vehicles and accessories. I seem to be caught up for the moment with all the newest figures (I think), and am just 14 away from completing the vintage collection (minus the Ewoks and Droids series. That's another whole ball o' wax).

    However I steer clear of the 12" line unless one comes out that looks extremely cool (like the Speeder Bike with Scout) mainly because A) most of them look like crap, and B) the 12" line was designed so that it was nearly impossible to have a complete set. If I can't get them all, then what's the point?

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    I was pretty much determined to be a completist when POTF2 came out since I never could get all the vintage figures. However the first wave of POTF2 Deluxe and Power F/X figures put a stop to that. Why pay a higher price for a figure I knew I didn't want? Since then I've only bought stuff I really liked, which was few and far between until about 1998 or so when the quality levels begain to increase.

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    I am a completists with action figures, but i think that streak will be broken with the Tie Interceptor. I do not want to waste the money as much I do want the cheap rescuplt. Does this make me a non-completist. I will do everything in my will to get that figure though.
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    Collections.....lets see, i collect just the 3 3/4" figures, vehicles, beasts, playsets, etc. But i dont have them carded, (i have the cards though). I dont have the POTF2 Luke special trilogy edition. I dont buy the variatios (i.e. Boba Fett with dots on hand or Jedi Luke Tan vest, etc.) I dont buy the same figure in a different card (i.e. green card or orange card, or with frame w/o frame).

    We all set the rules for our collections, some ppl will buy everything, some will buy just figures, others just vehicles, etc..

    Good luck on finding everything in your list!!
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    I don't buy figures that suck. That's really my only criteria. I don't care how long they were in the movie or how important they are, as long as they are cool. (I DO have the original POTF2 Han Hoth and LAndo, but they were given to me for my birthday by my mom. When your mom is willing to buy her adult son action figures, you keep them.) In my collection, you will not find He-Man Luke, Chewie Snoova, Malakili, r5-d4, Boba, Luke, or Han Deluxe, Power FX figures, Soft Goods Qui-Gon, POTJ Chocobi-Wan, Anakin, Maul, or Jar-Jar. I bought the 1995 Chewbacca because at the time I thought it was cool, but now I regret it. Same goes for Endor Han. Got the Cantina Showdown for Evazan, but even he kinda sucks. Love pretty much all of the recent resculpts, and hope to see more good ones. Also I don't buy most of the more expensive stuff, or the Action Collection, just to keep this whole thing from getting out of hand. As if it isn't already.

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    Thumbs up been awhile since i checked in here; thanx for responses :)

    meanwhile, i was Very glad to read that tie-int-xclusive pilot is the same except for knee joints. now i don't have to bother w/him anyone have info on tie-bomber pilot?
    i might get an r5d4 if they did a decent version. or even better would be an r4-m9
    i agree about the appeal of 12" figs being lost on me; at that scale the cloth Never hangs right so they all end up looking like they're wearing jammies
    spose i should clarify that by "all 3 current fetts", i mean i have em all except deluxe fett, which was such a poopy concept i didn't even remember
    also forgot to mention i also have that superdetailed ep1 3po, and barquin dan, since he's better-tailored & his head's paintjob's better than figrin (and he comes with one cool instrument instead of five crappy ones )
    i don't usually go after organic aliens, but like barquin (which i got o-o-p for $3 ), if i can find him on sale i'll probably also get a duros cuz of his groovy disco-glitter flight suit and painted derringer besides, when i was a kid he was always one of my faves & i always wanted them to make him
    i'll probably give his gun to 300fett to keep in his hip-holster, speaking of which: do any of you non-completists depart even further from canon and, like me, freely "re-assign" weaponry amongst your figures? for example, i gave my atat driver a vintage scoutbiker gun and a k3po commpack (thanx scepdroid ), and gave the atat driver's gun to my tie pilot, and gave my tie pilot's pistol to my commtech stormie. i gave my vintage ig88 a vintage snowtrooper rifle so that he'd have 2 long ones. similarly, i gave my potj ig88 the sote ig88 rifle, and gave my sote ig88 my potf fett's gun and monkeyface leia's gun (he also has a potf lando pistol tucked into a hipgroove near his butt i also gave one of my fetts biggs' big gun, and gave my vintage boussh my sote boushh's helmet and a vintage weequay staff thank gooness for the opportunity to get a hold of some of these accessories apart from their figures i always kinda dug ackbar's wristgun but not enough/couldn't figure out who to give it to if i got one. however, i Am currently seeking a pair of potj sandtrooper binocs for my commtroop, in case anyone has an xtra pair (see trade section) i also wouldn't mind the computer-function stickers from hoeia r2 to put on my booster-rocket one, but ain't gonna pay $$ to do it- anyone got a beatup one that maybe the dog chewed up (& maybe the stickers were spared) they don't want?
    so, does anyone else do weaponry swaparounds?
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    I stripped the crappy Mynock Hunt figures out and repalced them with Fan4 Hoth Leia, POTJ Bespin Han and Mechanic Chewie. All the gasmasks actually fit (although CHewie's is REAL tight) and the set looks a million times better!

    My POTJ Sandtroopers got stripped of their guns so I could give Bespin Escape Leia and another Mech CHewie (with Threepio on his back) more accurately colored weapons.

    I gave one of the weaponless Sandtroops the COMMTECH Stormie rifle and the other one is permanently on the lookout with his binoculars.
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    which brings up a Very importanT question:

    who's hotter: fan4 hoth leia or mynock hunt leia?
    speakin of hot, i might also spring for the twilike chick from jabba's dancers if i find her loose for ~$3
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